It’s no secret that electric cars are the future. With the government announcing a ban on new diesel and petrol car sales in 2030, combined with a greater desire from the wider public to have a greener vehicle, electric cars are the future of motoring. But what about now?

While we all may want to drive an electric car, the reality is that it’s difficult at the moment, for a number of reasons. So, while you may want to get yourself a green machine, is now a good time to buy an electric car?

Long delay in new cars

If you want to buy a new electric car, you are looking at a waiting period of at least ten months at the moment. Why? There was a big issue with the supply of parts, in particular semiconductors. These vital components in the production of electric cars have been caught up in the global supply chain issues caused by the pandemic.

This affected production of electric cars for a long time. Thankfully, these issues are lessening and production is returning to how it was. But the backlog of orders is another issue.

Demand outweighs supply

Electric cars are extremely popular at the moment. The greater consciousness of environmental issues means that, when the time comes to buy a new car, more and more drivers are opting for an electric vehicle.

The recent news with the sharp increase in fuel prices will only make the switch to electric even more appealing. If you can save on petrol costs, pay less tax and lessen your carbon footprint, why wouldn’t you want to switch to electric?

The pros: Electric cars have never been better

One of the big drivers behind demand for electric cars is that they are improving rapidly. Most fully electric cars have a range of at least 100 miles, some even in the mid 200s. The difference between the feel and drive of an electric car to a petrol or diesel vehicle is the smallest it’s ever been, with some top of the range electric vehicles like those produced by Tesla even surpassing equivalent combustion engine models.

The charging network is also growing all the time, with most major supermarkets having charging stations installed in their car parks. So it’s a lot easier to plan a journey in an electric vehicle than ever before. This makes them, not just a desirable and economical choice, but an increasingly practical choice too.


What about nearly-new and used electric cars?

The second-hand market for electric and even hybrid vehicles is incredibly strong. Most electric car owners aren’t switching often, because the cars are more reliable and relatively new on the road. Even hybrid cars are in demand on the used market, so prices can be higher.

What you can do is go for a ‘clean’ petrol or diesel vehicle. Look for a model that has a good emissions rating. Good miles per gallon (MPG) is also a sign of an efficient vehicle, so look at consumer websites to see what MPG the car you’re interested in has. Get yourself a clean, efficient petrol or diesel vehicle and then wait for the supply issues to lessen. That way you won’t end up paying too much extra just to get an electric vehicle now.

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