Introducing the Lamborghini Asterion. Look at it, it is absolutely gorgeous. We will let you admire it for a while before we go any further. Go ahead, we’ll wait.Introducing the Lamborghini Asterion. Look at it, it is absolutely gorgeous. We will let you admire it for a while before we go any further. Go ahead, we’ll wait.


Ready? Excellent. The Lamborghini Asterion then, probably one of our favourite looking cars for a long time. Lambo actually released pictures of this a few days ago but they totally surprised everyone when it turned up in the flesh for the Paris Motor Show. Strictly speaking this is still a concept car but, as mentioned by everyone that has written about it, it looks very much showroom ready and we would have to agree . It really does look ready to hit the streets and we hope it does soon, not just because we want to see this thing out and about but because the longer it stays a concept car the more time someone has to mess around with the way it looks and we certainly don’t want that. It looks amazing, please don’t touch it.


Now for some details and don’t worry they certainly aren’t boring. The Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4, to give it it’s full name, is a hybrid, yes a hybrid. Don’t be fooled though, this thing is monstrously overpowered with a combined power of 910bhp! 300 of that comes from the electric engines alone! If anyone had any doubt that Lamborghini was losing it’s mad touch then there is some proof that they clearly are not. It might have understated looks compared to the outrageous Lamborghinis we are used to but they have crammed just as much crazy in to this one in the form of pure power.  Lamborghini also claim that it will get to 60mph in three seconds dead and will keep on going all the way to 199mph!


All that power comes from the 5.2-litre Hurracan V10 engine pumping out 610 horsepower combined with three, count them three, electric motors producing 100bhp each. The truly surprising thing amongst all this is that this beast will do 57 miles to the gallon, so it is more fuel efficient than my old Vauxhall Corsa and it’s a Lamborghini. If that isn’t progress I don’t know what is.


Patrick George over at Jalopnik (check them out if you haven’t already, we love them) pointed out, although the Asterion seems reserved in its design compared to Lamborghinis of late, it clearly is taking some design cues from Lambo’s past. The Asterion really looks quite a lot like the Miura, or at least has nabbed a few designs ideas and that is great because, well, just look at the Miura.


Images Credit: Otis Banks

There is also something to be said about the interior of the car too. With a lot of super/hyper cars you lose some of the comforts from the inside, this is not the case with the Asterion. That looks like somewhere I could comfortably spend many hours of my life. The creams and browns are so inviting, they make me feel like I would be sitting inside a coffee and chocolate flavoured cloud, a super fast coffee and chocolate cloud mind you.


Well that’s it for now but keep checking here for more Paris Motor Show info!

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