When you think of British cars across the years, there have been many iconic vehicles. The Mini Cooper, Jaguar E-Type, Rolls-Royce Phantom. But one of the most iconic has to be the Land Rover Discovery.

Once a beloved workhorse used by farmers, the military, and rural workers, the Land Rover Discovery has changed a great deal since its debut back in 1989. And, while you still might see it out in the countryside, you are just as likely to spot the car on the school run or cruising around town. Is it the right car for you?

Here’s our quick review of the Land Rover Discovery.

How it looks

The Land Rover Discovery has refined its looks over the past 33 years. Changes in aerodynamics and car safety means the distinctive blocky look has been softened. But it’s still an attractive to car to look at. It’s big size means it dominates the road, giving you a feeling of power and confidence behind the wheel.

The distinctive front grille and bold, powerful headlights add to the overall feeling that this is an impressive car to look at, never mind own! It is one of the best luxury SUVs on the market.

How it drives

You might think a car of this size would be a bit unwieldy, but you never feel like you are out of control when driving this vehicle.

The Discovery excels off road, with its smooth suspension making the bumpiest tracks a lot more comfortable than logic would dictate. On the city streets, the size of the car means it moves with a slow grace, so you’re not going to be thrown about too much as you take a turn.

With an eight speed automatic gearbox and 4-wheel drive as standard on all models, you can make tackling most weathers and roads a simple task.

What’s it like inside?

A luxury SUV has to have a luxury interior, and the Discover is no different. All the materials and upholstery is of the highest quality, so you’ll find using the car a joy at all times. The most recent model has the Pivi Pro infotainment system built in as standard, where you can control navigation, your in-car entertainment of choice, and the climate of the car with ease.

The rear seats can all be folded and adjusted to create extra space, whether you need more legroom or more storage capacity, you can tweak it to suit. It’s a very spacious interior in general so you’ll find it hard to get cramped and uncomfortable unless you’re really trying!

What are the running costs?

Car’s this size tend to be on the pricier side to run and the Land Rover Discovery is no exception. But some smart technology helps to reduce the costs. Each model is fitted with stop start tech, so you’ll save on fuel while idling in traffic. You’ll get 500 miles on a full tank, so you can fill up and make the most of the car’s impressive range.

One of the best things about the Discovery is its resale value. Depreciation doesn’t affect the car as much as some luxury models, thanks to the strong build quality and the appeal of the Land Rover brand. So, while it may not be the cheapest car to buy, you’ll retain some of the value in your purchase a lot better than with other cars.

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