If you’ve ever taken a look at some of the utterly ridiculous concept cars dreamed up and presented by car manufacturers at the world’s motoring shows, you’ll know that they’ve got a brilliant imagination. So brilliant in fact, that April Fool’s Day has had more than a few twitter followers a tad excited for products that are but figments of the imagination. Let me guide you through some of the best from the motoring world today:



With traffic and speed limits stopping us from really making the most out of our cars, the clever engineers at BMW have come up with the unique BMW Force Injection Booster (FIB) to simulate the effects of ‘spirited driving’. The booster can be activated at speeds of under 20mph, and works by extracting kinetic energy from the engine and converting it into positive g-forces. This is then channelled directly at the driver and passengers through the air-con vents coupled with a mild electric current channelled through the front seats to replicated that exhilarating feeling of driving at high speeds.

The technology also comes with Airnet, the latest in hair protection technology, to ensure that drivers and their passengers will not need to worry about their hair getting all messed up during the journey.



With alternative fuels becoming increasingly popular, MINI announced an never before seen technology, utilising a tea-leaf biofuel composite to power Britain’s most iconic supermini. Managing an unbelievable 40 miles per cup, the Cooper T is far from being thirsty, and is available in a range of colours – Chamomile Yellow, Earl Grey and Red Bush.

BMW are sure the car will be a hit with the tea loving British public, but for safety, have installed the unique DAT (Dunk Avoidance Technology.) The astounding filtration system stops opportunistic passerbys from popping their rich teas (occasionally digestives) into the car’s fuel system to moisten their snacks.


The company responsible for the famed GTR, which can hit 0-60 in under three seconds, have gotten fed up of waiting for their smartphones to charge enough to let them play flappy bird. In response, they stepped out of their comfort zone to create a QiCharger which powers a phone from 0-100% in just 2.7 seconds – Apple might have a competitor on their hands!



Love football? Love Brazil? Good news! Now you can get your hands on a special edition Astra Copacabana! It features real grass upholstery from the world famous Brazilian stadiums, real Copacabana sand in the footwells to dig your toes into and special edition flip-flops (because, lets face it, it’s not Brazil without the flip-flops.)m Finally, get that Mardi-Gras feeling from a choice of authentic horns – Brazilian, Samba or Venezuelan!


Continuing with the football theme, Citroen have catered to the desires of Arsenal fans everywhere, with the C4 Cactus Arsenal Edition. Limited to just 11 models, the C4 Cactus Arsenal features the new Geo Organised Away-day Locations, informations and Entertainment interface, or G.O.A.L.I.E. for short. The unique touchscreen system provides details of the team’s fixtures, directions to the games, a database of pie and mash vendors and football anthems to sing along to.

The C4 Cactus Arsenal Edition will been available from all Citroen showrooms later this year – expect for Citroen Tottenham.


If you’re bored of your cars horn, it’s time for something new. Check out Peugeot’s latest reveal in the video below.


Another special model (there seem to be a lot of these today) from the folks at Skoda. In celebration of the new Yeti range, Skoda are launching a very special edition model – the Yeti Ice. This model, developed by Skoda engineers working in the Himalayas pioneers a radical faux fur finish which makes the car so warm that those inside will not even need to use the heating.



The biggest name in car history checks, HPI are constantly developing new ways to ensure that car buyers are not going to get ripped off by the odd dodgy car seller. You can download the app for free, and it will tell you with military grade accuracy whether or not the seller is lying to you or not – just what we always needed!

Special Mention

Last but not least, a special mention goes out to the Guardian who had a few people convinced that Alex Salmond – leader of the SNP has a three step road plan in place in the event of Scottish independence. Firstly, signs would be changed across the country, with motorways becoming S roads and A road becoming N roads. Secondly, the Scots would transition to driving on the right hand side and thirdly, in a bid to make the change from left to right when crossing the England/Scotland border, a never before seen spiral road structure making the change quick and easy. Find out more in the Guardian’s special video on the matter.

Well that’s all for now – best watch out for those April Fools though, as they’re bound to keep coming!

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