In this digital age, buying a car remotely has never been easier. Gone are the days where you were limited to what was on the local forecourts or in the paper’s classified section. And you don’t have to drive halfway across the country to find something that fits your needs. Buying a car in lockdown is no different. And as long as you’re careful, there’s no reason to feel unsafe when you do so. Here are our top tips for buying a car during lockdown.

Browse, browse, browse

There are so many used cars on the market these days, there’s no need to settle for the first car that you find. Instead, you can search car dealerships that cross the whole country. Have a look at a few different websites to see the type of cars that are on offer. Have a good think about what you need from the car. 

Are you starting a family? Then you’ll need something bigger to fit them as they grow older. Commuting a lot? Then you’ll want something that’s easy to drive for long distances, something comfortable and economical. Driving for fun? Then you’ll want something with a bit more performance, that’s fun to drive.

You can also choose a car based on more cosmetic things, like colour. If there’s a certain tone or shade that you have your heart set on, then chances are you’ll be able to find it.

Research, research, research

When you’ve found the car you like, it’s time to learn more about it. Lockdown means you won’t be able to test drive. So you won’t get a feel before it arrives. Have a look at reviews online, from both the motoring magazines and people who have bought and own the vehicle.

Take a look at other factors, such as the car’s score on the reliability index. This will give you an idea of how often the car breaks down and how expensive it is to repair. You should also have a quick look at comparison sites to see how much insurance is going to cost. Finally, you should see how the manufacturer’s stated running costs and economy compare to reality. You’ll find more accurate information from consumer websites and user reviews.

Check who you’re buying from

When you decide to buy a car, do some checks on who you are buying from. Read reviews about the dealership. If you are using a finance provider to pay for the car, they should do the checks for you to ensure everything is legit. Whatever you find, make sure you get a full breakdown of all the costs involved before you commit to anything.

You also need to ensure that the seller is agreeing to distance selling rules. That means they should be offering a returns policy, even on a car. (This won’t apply to private sellers so be careful!). Once you are sure you are protected, you can go ahead and make the purchase.

Give it a good test

Once the car has arrived, it’s time to give it a good test drive. This is when you have time to see if the car fits comfortably and is suitable for your needs. Returning a car may seem complicated, but if you have done your due diligence, then the company who sold the car will take it back without any problems for you.

You're protected with Creditplus

Over the last year, Creditplus have delivered hundreds of cars across the UK. We adhere to social distancing and meticulously clean the car using alcohol wipes before delivery. Not only that, but you also have 7 days to love or return your new car!


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