Here at Creditplus we have recently identified the top 5 considerations for our customers when buying a car as:

  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Safety
  • Comfort

On collating this list, we were discussing how difficult it must be for manufacturers to produce 2 minute TV commercials to put across all the emotional and rational reasons of making a car purchase.  Speed versus efficient; Stylish versus space for kids…etc etc.

After much debate, the general consensus was “Honda TV Adverts” are great, the best in fact (says Sarah) at connecting with customers. The reason being is that they don’t just focus on customer need and want; they also profile the expertise of their products (with main focus on the engine) and their staff (especially the engineers).


Honda adverts have always been ahead of their time, they are innovative, forward thinking and ambitious.

We have taken a bit of time out today to choose our top three Honda adverts of all time.  Our list is below.  Indecently all of the below have been created by the London branch of International Ad Agency (Wieden + Kennedy,London). Go Britain!

Interestingly during a Google search we found out that the 2004 and 2003 Honda adverts that are mentioned below, also received 1st and 2nd position in a 2013 list of the Top Auto Commercials from the past 25 years. The list was created by The One Club, which is a New York based non profit that conducts advertising award competitions to honour the best in advertising.

Our top three Honda Adverts of all time

Honda Hands/2013

The Creditplus office (especially the Digital team) are huge fans of this short film which has been put together to celebrate the curiosity and the innovative mind of the Honda Engineers and further build on their strap line: “Honda the Power of Dreams”.
This 2 minute film provides the story of Honda’s greatest achievements over the past 65 years, emphasising their expertise in engine design and the mind of their engineers.   The film was shown when sponsoring Channel 4 documentaries and shared amongst Honda’s social communities and is supported by an interactive website, which features notes of stories from the engineers. As with all of the Honda Adverts it is innovative, forward thinking, fun and ambitious.

We love the fact that this video gives even more focus to the engineers, who helped make Honda what it is today.  Amazing work!

“Grrr / 2004”

Created to promote the Honda’s i-CTDi diesel engine (UK) – Won lots of awards including the Film Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Ad Festival. See the making of the commercial here: “Cog” – 2003

Created to promote the Honda Accord, which showed a chain reaction of Honda car parts interacting with each other. The model was similar to a Rube Goldberg Machine. Wikipedia states: “Honda’s UK domain saw more web traffic in 24 hours after “Cogs” TV debut than all but one UK automotive brand received in one month” Surprisingly Honda has yet to make it to our top ten car purchases for 2013, although the Honda Civic made an appearance at number 8 in 2012 results. If you have arrived at this blog post looking for a Honda for Sale or if viewing the adverts have convinced you to buy, feel free to search our database for ‘Used Hondas’. Don’t forget we can also source you a New Honda from one of our reputable dealers. We would love to hear your thoughts on whether you agree that Honda make the best Car Adverts, or whether you would have chosen another Car Manufacturer/Designer? Comment below or send us a message on our Facebook Page underneath the mention of this blog post. Happy motoring, Sarah

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