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The Creditplus blog posts are written by a team of talented writers who are passionate about all things cars and finance.

The blog contains many posts around motoring and finance including: motoring news, car finance advice, car buying guides, driving tips, motorsport (including Formula 1), car technology and the latest developments with electric vehicles, motoring media, holidays and road trips, and road safety.

Our writers (past and present) are listed below - if you would like to read more posts from a particular writer then click on their name below.

The latest from the car blog

Read the latest car blogs and features from each of the categories.

Motoring News: All the latest news from across the motoring industry, including new cars, big announcements and industry updates.

Car Finance Advice: News and insight from the UK car finance industry. We explain some important terminology, announcements within the finance business, and updates on what’s going on here at Creditplus.

Car Buyers Guide: Looking for a new car? We take a look at the best selling cars on the market, battle different models against each other, and have a look at the most suitable cars for different circumstances. A guide to make choosing your next car easier.

Driving tips: A compilation of tips, tricks and life hacks to make your life easier. Whether its guides on maintaining your car, what to do in a worst case scenario, or insider knowledge to help save you money, this is the place to look.

Motorsport: The place for all the latest news from the track. With weekly roundups during the race season and fantastic features all year round, Motorsport is the place for all adrenaline junkies to get their fix.

Car Technology: The place for all the latest gadgets and innovations that look to change the way we drive our cars. We’ll look at everything from new engineering techniques, through to the latest apps. We also bring you news on eco-friendly cars and green technologies.

Motoring Media: A collection of all the best virals and videos from the world of motoring. Whether it’s a brand new ad campaign from a big car manufacturer, or a crazy video of some random modifying their car to the extreme, you’ll find it here.

Offbeat: The place for the weird and wonderful. We bring you features and articles on the stranger side of motoring. We also take a look at those items on the edge of the car industry topic, including crime stories, film features and culture news.

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