Have you ever looked at the name of a car manufacturer and thought - ‘How on Earth do I say that name?’. You’re not alone. A quick search online has lots of topics with people asking ‘how do I say this car company name’. It seems a large number of the general public are worried about getting the name of their car manufacturer – or potential manufacturer- wrong.

The good news is that, with a little research and advice, no car company name is too difficult to pronounce. We’ve put together a quick guide to explain how to pronounce some of the most commonly mispronounced car companies. Read on and learn what you may or may not have been saying wrong.



One of the most recent car companies to launch on the market Ssangyong is a South Korean car manufacturer. While it may look difficult to pronounce (that double S can confuse anyone), it’s actually straight forward.

Pronunciation: Sang-yong.


Another car company from South Korea, this might look like an easy one to pronounce. But you have to remember, as with a lot of words, just because it’s written in English characters, doesn’t mean its pronounced the same way.

Pronunciation: Day-yoo.



It’s not just cars from Asia that can be difficult to pronounce. American names can also be a bit confusing. Buick is named after its founder David Dunbar Buick, a Scottish-born American, so that gives you a hint of how it should be pronounced.

Pronunciation: Byoo-uhk


A company that used to be a joke but now produces some of the best cars on the market. So it’s a good time to learn how to pronounce its name, as the chances are you’ll be after one of these cars and want to be confident in telling everyone all about your new purchase.

Pronunciation: skow-duh



Dacia started off in Romania as a government owned car producer before it was picked up by Renault. The low-cost car brand has really taken off over the last few years thanks to its bargain-priced new cars.

Pronunciation: da-chee-uh


Now you might think you know how to say this car company’s name already (or just call them VW to make things simple), but are you really pronouncing it how it should be? Or are you saying the British butchering of the german car company’s name.

Pronunciation: volk-swaa-gen



If you want to drive a brand known for its style and coolness factor, then you should know how to say its name properly. Porsche and Ferrari are straight forward, but Maserati might be a bit trickier, especially if your Italian stretches as far as pizza and spaghetti.

Pronunciation: ma-zuh-raa-tee


Another car maker that you might think you can pronounce. Are you saying it the English way? Is it HIGH-undai or Hyun-dai? Here’s how it should be pronounced.

Pronunciation: hyun-day



While not as common on the road as Toyota or Nissan, Daihatsu cars have a quirky charm to them that, combined with their rarity on the road, makes them appealing to those wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Pronunciation: die-hat-soo

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