When it came to buying your car, was one of the reasons behind your choice its colour? While many people only go by what they can afford, for many drivers the colour of their car is very important. In fact, the colour of a car (if chosen) can reflect a lot about the psychology of the person behind the wheel?

So what were the most popular car colours chosen in 2020? And what do the colours say about the person behind the wheel? Find out below as we look at the most popular colour choices by Creditplus customers.

Blue (12%)


When you think of Blue, you probably think of the sky or the sea. And these happy places are reflected in the psychology behind the colour blue. Those who drive a blue car are said to be amongst the happiest of drivers. In fact, you are more likely to be let out at a junction by a driver in a blue car than any others.

Blue is also the colour of confident drivers, so you’ll be cruising along not worrying about your place on the road.

White (24%)


The popularity of white is down to how modern and fresh it feels. Having a spotless, pristine white vehicle is a sign that the driver is up to date with modern trends. The white bodywork is often associated with how Apple products look, with their simple yet futuristic designs.

White is the most popular colour among new car drivers in general. But buying a white car is also a commitment to keeping the bodywork nice and clear. Otherwise, you are just asking for someone to write ‘Clean Me’ in the grime!

Black (25%)


Driving a black car has its pros and cons. In the positive column, black is a colour associated with power. So if you want to make an impression with your vehicle, especially if you are a businessman, then this could be the colour for you.

But away from the office, black is also seen as the car colour most commonly associated with dangerous. Black cars are more likely to end up in a road rage incident or an accident. That could be because they are harder to see at night, but it’s still higher than the average.

Grey/Silver (26%)


The most popular car colour choice at Creditplus was grey/silver. Drivers who choose this colour of vehicle want to show how mature they are. Perhaps they are buying their first car that isn’t a cheap banger or want to leave behind their days of being a boy racer.

Grey and silver is also seen as a sign of safety, so it makes for an ideal car colour for family vehicles. This colour is the vehicle least likely to be involved in a car accident, perhaps because it’s more noticeable on the road without needing to be as garish as a brightly coloured vehicle. Another thing said about silver cars is that they require less petrol than other car colours. How that could be possible…we don’t know!

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