For many drivers, the car is not just for you and your family. It’s for your beloved pets too. But not every car has been set up to be ideal for your furry friends. Some need to be fitted with a few accessories to make them suitable as a pet transporter.

There are so many different gadgets and gizmos on the market, that finding the perfect pet accessory for your car can be difficult. Which ones are essential if you want your animal friend to travel in comfort and style? Here is our selection of must have car accessories for pets.

Note: most of these items are best suited for dogs, as they are likely to be the most common travel companion.

Pet seat belt

You wouldn’t drive your car without ensuring your friends and family had a seat belt, and the same should be said for your furry friends. Dogs especially can move a lot when you drive, so you’ll want to ensure they are securely tied up for the journey.

You can now get specialist car seat belt adaptors that you can adjust to fit your dog, no matter the size. So you can be sure they are safe when you hit the road.

Pet harness

If you don’t want your dog sitting on a car seat, then a harness you can attach to the booth is a good alternative. Check what fastenings are available in your boot space first, then choose a harness that can fit comfortably inside. There are sizes for different dog breeds and sizes, so make sure it’s the right one for your pooch.

Pet hammock

Another safe way to transport your pooch is with a dog hammock. The joy of this little accessory is that it keeps your pet off the upholstery, so they are suspended above the seats and won’t make them dirty. It’s also a lot more comfortable for the dog and the swinging motion can keep them calm.

Pet cooling mats

Overheating can be a big problem for your pet, especially in the summer. A cooling mat can give them something refreshing to lie down on so they can regulate their temperature better. It also works great if the car seats are leather, as they can get especially hot in the warmer months.

Pet booster seat

Do you have a nosy pooch that likes to see what’s going on at all times? A booster seat can give your pet a platform to look out the window, helping to keep them calm and entertained throughout the journey. Just make sure you keep the window up so that they don’t try and jump out!

Pet hair remover

Of course, you won’t be driving with your pet everyday. But they can leave traces of their previous visit on your car’s seats and carpets. Getting dog hair out of your car’s upholstery can be just as difficult as getting it out of your sofa at home. And, if you have guests in your car, you don’t want them covered in a furry layer. So invest in a car seat hair remover and give your fabrics a brush after every trip.

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