Nick Clegg today announced the UK government’s drive to make the country a world leader in the electric car industry.

Following a £500million investment in July, the Deputy Prime Minister unveiled plans for Elon Musk, CEO and co-founder of Tesla to provide guidance to the government on the matter, and called for information from the automotive industry about how to push sales of electric cars in the UK.

Prospective owners of electric vehicles can already benefit from up to £5000 off an electric can or van under a government scheme, with many of the vehicles benefitting from zero VED (Road Tax), free parking in many areas, and running costs of as little as 3p per mile.

The automotive sector is an important aspect of UK economy, representing as much as 7% of all manufacturing output and worth over £11billion. It is Clegg’s belief that ‘A strong foothold in low emission automotive technologies will be vital to its ongoing success.’

Innovations in green cars are hot topic with the world’s leading car manufacturers, with low emission cars fast becoming a favourite with consumers. To read more about green cars, why not take a look at these posts?

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