When it comes to family cars, one of the most revolutionary to hit the market was the Nissan Qashqai. One of the first ever crossover SUVs, it changed what can be seen as a family car and almost every other car manufacturer has now built their own rival.

The Nissan Juke is slightly different. Built after the Qashqai, it’s another fantastic family car. But aren’t the Qashqai and the Juke the same type of vehicle? Is Nissan just competing with itself? And which is better for you? Here’s our comparison between two of the biggest family cars on the market.

Nissan Qashqai

It’s hard to see just revolutionary the Qashqai is now that there are so many quality competitors, but it changed everything when it hit the market back in 2006.

The first really popular crossover SUV, the Nissan Qashqai is an almost perfect family car. One of the big things about it was the high seating position that was commonplace with SUVs. For a family car, that gives you an excellent view of the road, giving you a sense of security that you can spot potential hazards before they come. It also feels rugged, like you are in a big tank like vehicle, adding to that sense of protection.

Away from that, the Qashqai has a lot of space, and can even fit up to 7 in the Qashqai+2 range, but you do lose boot space. The suspension is surprisingly soft, meaning you get a smooth and comfortable ride, perfect for keeping little ones happy in the back.

It’s an excellent all-rounder, not excelling in any particular area but getting good marks across the board. Due another update in 2021, expect a more refined experience with improvements in all areas.

Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke does have one thing in common with the Qashqai – its looks. In fact, you could reasonably say that the Juke is the Qashqai’s younger sibling. Where the Qashqai pioneered the crossover SUV, the Juke aimed for the supermini/hatchback market. And it was another big success when it arrived in 2010.

It still has that sense of size you get with the Qashqai, but the ride height is not as prominent. Instead you’ll be eye level with the Fiesta’s and Corsa’s the car competes with. The most recent version was launched in 2019, and continues the level of excellence that made the car a success.

It feels safe like a Qashqai, thanks to the bulky look. But that doesn’t affect the drive, which is surprisingly responsive and easy. The interior is comfortable too, especially for those in the back, and the car will cope with a growing family.

So which is right for you?

When it comes to comparing the two, the thing you have to think about is size. If you have a growing family or are thinking about adding to your brood, then the Qashqai is a great choice to keep you and your little ones all comfortable. The Juke is smaller, so if you have one or two kids, then they will be happy in the back. The Qashqai has that excellent road view, the Juke’s lower profile means it’s a bit more responsive to drive.

Both are excellent, safe options for your family, so if you were thinking about a crossover SUV for your next car, you can’t go wrong with either of Nissan’s top models.

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