Knowing how to save money on your day-to-day expenses can be a great skill to learn. Who doesn’t want a bit of extra cash in your pocket? When it comes to driving and running your car, there are some savings that can be made. So we’ve put together a few top tips that you may or may not know that can help you save money.

Check your car yourself

We’re not saying you have to dig out an old Haynes manual to learn how to repair your car, but there are lots of little checks you can do to ensure that you get ahead of any potentially costly repairs.

When’s the last time you checked the tread depth on your car tyres? What about the levels of anti-freeze in your car’s water? And are your windscreen wipers eroded to a point that they won’t do much good in adverse weather?

You can also keep an eye out for any garages that offer free tyre checks, especially in the winter.

Lose weight

How heavy is your car? Did you know that any excess unnecessary weight that the car is carrying will mean your car’s burning more fuel than it needs to? Take a look at all the clutter and gear that you have in the car. Take anything you don’t need on every journey out. This could be a child’s car seat, a tool box or even something like golf clubs.

A roof rack also adds to the weight and reduces your car’s aerodynamic profile. So if it’s easy to take on and off, then remove it.


Plan your journeys and your parking

Wasting petrol because you lost or you’re struggling to find a parking space is something that can be avoided. Looking ahead at the route you’re planning to take can give you a heads up on any roadworks or congestion hotspots, so you can adjust your route or timings to counter. Knowing where to park is also a petrol and time saver, and you can also look for cheaper options than more expensive branded car parks.


Keep an eye on petrol station prices

Petrol and diesel prices fluctuate a lot at the moment, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the news and see what the current trend is. Do you wait a few extra days for a change in the market or fill up now before a big event on the horizon?

You can also ask friends and family where they’ve filled up recently and see where they have found the cheapest prices.

Price comparison sites are your friend

If your car insurance or breakdown renewal is due then it’s always a good idea to check out price comparison sites. But don’t just use the one. Different providers have different deals with different websites, so take a look at least two or three to see what the different options are.


Don’t renew at the last moment

You also need to give yourself time to look at deals. If you leave it to the last minute, then you have less time to research. You also give less time for your current finance provider to make a better offer. If you start searching a fortnight before your renewal, or when your current provider sends a reminder about the upcoming expiry, you have time to examine your options and really find a good deal.

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