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Psychology of Car Colours | Does it come in black?


Choosing the right car colour is an important aspect of the car buying process. So how do you decide? Do you go for your favourite colour? Or one that you have a sentimental or personal attachment to? And what if it isn’t suitable? Bright luminous yellow may take you back to your days of all night raving, but it doesn’t really work as well on the bodywork of a Ford Mondeo. Unless you’re very brave that is. Finding cars in specific colours can also be difficult. You can always respray the car later, but that can be expensive and difficult.

The truth is, you’ll probably have very limited options when it comes to getting an exact choice of car colour. However, you can still find a car colour that reflects your personality. We’ve looked at the most popular car colours in the UK to see what the psychology is behind the hue. That way you’ll know what people are thinking, consciously or subconsciously, when they see the car you drive.

UK’s most popular car colours

So which colours are the most popular with UK car buyers? Research by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows that White is the most popular colour amongst British motorists. Black is second and Greyis third. This reflects our own internal research that shows Black to be the most popular colour. So are UK car buyers becoming more conservative? What’s the thinking behind these colour choices?

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Grey
  4. Blue
  5. Red
  6. Silver
  7. Green
  8. Brown
  9. Orange
  10. Mauve

White Cars


The colour white traditionally has connotations of purity and innocence. It’s the reason wedding dresses and christening clothes are the colour. This can make you feel younger, giving the impression of a new driver. So if you want to feel young, this could be the choice for you.

Psychologists also associate the colour with peace and cleanliness. If you’re an angry driver, then this car could help calm you down – or at least lure your victims into a false sense of security!

Black Cars


Traditionally the colour of movie bad guys and comic book villains, black is also a powerful colour. The associations with evil and darkness make the colour are a bold choice, as if you have mastered these dark arts to power your car. It’s a very popular car amongst businessmen and statesmen – when’s the last time you saw the US President in anything but a black limousine? Black is not just power, but prestige. You don’t need fancy colours to showcase your personality. It’s a confident choice ideal for businessmen.

Grey Cars


Surely grey is a bland choice, just one step above beige? Maybe that’s the point. Some drivers don’t want to stand out. They want a simple, practical colour which can let them get from A to B in peace. The car colour for introverts perhaps?

Blue Cars


The first true colour on the list, Blue is also a popular choice when the British public are asked about their favourite colour. Blue is a choice that stands out against the persistent grey of the UK’s roads. It is also a stable, sensible choice. Blue reminds people of water, of the sea. This calming impression could be ideal for a family car. The fact that blue stands out could also help keep your family safe on the road.

Red Cars


The colour of love, passion and anger, emotions that you don’t always need when you’re driving on the motorway. Anyone choosing red wants to stand out from the crowd. It is a bold, vibrant choice for the road, stirring emotions in anyone who sees it. There’s a reason Ferrari chose red as the colour that is synonymous with their cars. This is the colour for the brave, the passionate, those with untamed spirits. Even if your car is a small hatchback, you’ll still stand out with a bold red paint job.

Silver Cars


Silver is the colour of the future – at least the future portrayed in science fiction films. Its the colour of spaceships and robots. This is reflected in the attitude of the owner of silver cars. Innovative and forward thinking, silver paintwork always comes with a metallic appeal that can make the car seem like its stainless steel. Silver is for those who have a car as an accessory, ideal for the tech loving geek who has a gadget for everything.

Green Cars


The colour of nature, you would think green is the ideal colour for those who love the great outdoors. But it’s not just the colour for tree loving hippies. In fact, green is also associated with money and finance. So whether you’re a outdoors naturalist or an indoors financier, green could be the colour that appeals to you the most.

Brown Cars


Quite possibly the least inspiring colour on the list, surely brown is only the choice for those who drive through the countryside and don’t want to see the amount of dirt it picks up? Brown is the colour of praticality. Those choosing a brown car just want to get from A to B, don’t care about thrills and are normally good at cutting down on costs. Maybe it’s why you don’t ever see a brown Lamborghini?

Orange Cars


Anyone who chooses orange doesn’t want to blend in. It’s a bold and unusual colour, so it’s surprising to see it so popular in the charts. Maybe its a sign of the traditional British reserve making way for a more outgoing generation? Orange is adventurous. Orange is bright and brash. It’s not content to just fall in line, it wants to attract attention and spark conversations. This is the colour for the extrovert.

Mauve Cars


Mauve? Is this really one of the most popular car colours? Perhaps its the popularity of Qashqais and Jukes that have put this colour on the list, as many of the models come with a distinctive shade of purple. Research shows that purple is associated with creativity and quality. So if you are the artistic type, purple is a bold choice, to reflect your thinking outside the box and away from the most popular choices. Purple is also a colour associated with premium services and quality – think Quality Street sweets or the phrase “purple patch”.

Other colours?


Yellow is the colour of happiness. Think of the sun shining in the sky, giving you a good warming feeling inside. It is also a very youthful colour, so if your young or young at heart, its a good choice.

Pink is the colour of compassion and nurturing. It is a colour for those with a kind heart, who would stop their car to help someone stranded by the side of the road. Yes, it is still seen as a girly colour, but attitudes are changing. If you feel its the colour for you, go for it!

Finding the Right Car

For most people, finding the right car is the most important part of the car buying process. But getting it in the right colour is just as vital, especially as most people own a car for 4-5 years. Here at Creditplus, we can help you find a car to your exact specifications with our Find, Fund, Deliver service.

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