When it comes to choosing your car there’s a whole ton of factors to take into consideration, the colour of your car being one of them. While some may argue this isn’t important, (yes – it will still get you from A to B), let’s not pretend that looks don’t matter.

Picking a colour to your taste is crucial. You look at your car every time you climb into it, you see it parked on your drive every day, and if you’re unhappy with the colour, you’re unhappy with the car.

But choose wisely, because like the clothes you wear, the colour of your car can reveal a lot about your personality. So, if you want to understand the personality behind the paintwork, then listen up.

Here at Creditplus, we’ve researched the most popular car colour choices in the UK and looked at the psychology behind the hue.

So, read on and find out what people are thinking (consciously or subconsciously), when they see the car you drive!

The UK’s Most Popular Car Colours

1. Grey Cars


Yep that’s right. Possibly the dullest and uninspiring colour on the spectrum, yet the latest stats from 2018 reveal grey to be the UK’s most popular colour choice for new vehicles.

So, what does this choice of colour say about the drivers? Well, we’ve already used the words “dull and uninspiring” but perhaps that’s a little harsh…

Grey is understated and inconspicuous, therefore those who drive a grey car tend to be modest, humble individuals, and they’re happy to blend into the crowd.

2. Black Cars


Traditionally the colour for movie “bad guys” and comic book villains, black is also a powerful colour. The associations with evil and darkness make the colour a bold choice, as if you have mastered these dark arts to power your car.

It’s a very popular car amongst businessmen and statesmen – when’s the last time you saw the US President in anything but a black limousine? Black is not just power, but prestige, showing you don’t need fancy colours to showcase your personality.

3. White Cars


So apparently, we Brits just don’t like colourful cars. White however, is a colour associated with innocence and purity.

It’s also a symbol of peace, so drivers of white cars tend to have a calmer disposition (although this doesn’t apply to those who drive a white BMW). Finally, white has connotations of cleanliness, so if you drive a white car, you likely prefer things in a neat and orderly fashion.

4. Blue Cars


Finally, the first proper colour on the list. Blue is a calming colour which is often associated with water or sky, creating a calm and peaceful impression.

Blue will stand out against the more monotone colours on the road without being too loud and garish, and is therefore considered a stable, sensible choice.

5. Red Cars


Red is a strong colour associated with powerful emotions including love, anger and passion. If you choose red, you’re a fierce individual and you’re not afraid to show it to the world.

Even driving a small hatchback, you’ll stand out on the road – especially among the dominating mass of grey and black vehicles.

6. Silver Cars


In previous years silver was hugely popular, consistently coming out on top as the UK’s preferred choice of colour. But in 2018 silver dropped from the top five, reaching its lowest popularity rating since the late 1900s.

However, silver has a modern, futuristic appeal and this is reflected in the attitude of the owner of silver cars. Innovative and forward-thinking, silver paintwork always comes with a metallic appeal that can make the car seem like its stainless steel.

Silver is for those who have a car as an accessory, ideal for the tech-heads who have a gadget for everything.

7. Orange Cars


Yep, we’re just as surprised as you to see orange so high in the charts! Maybe it’s a sign of the traditional British reserve making way for a more outgoing generation?

Orange is the colour for those who are fun and adventurous. It wants to attract attention and spark conversations, therefore owners of orange cars tend to be quirky and unique individuals.

8. Green Cars


The colour of nature, and therefore the ideal colour for those who love the great outdoors. However, a lot of green cars tend to come in slightly more artificial shades which are less ‘earthy’ and more exotic, therefore drivers who opt for the brighter, bolder greens are usually looking to make a statement.

9. Bronze Cars


Manufacturers may call it bronze but let’s be honest – bronze means brown which is not the most inspiring colour by any means, however at least a car this colour won’t show the dirt!

This is perhaps why bronze car drivers are more practical and don’t care what people think of them. Bronze cars owners tend to be good when it comes to budgeting, thanks to a sensible, level-headed mindset.

10. Beige Cars


Finally, the last colour on the list is the vibrant and dazzling…beige. However, beige is a subtle and understated colour, which is why you’ll often find beige cars belong to those with a more refined taste. Beige cars provide a touch of class and elegance, traits which are often found in their owners.

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