Lewis Hamilton has become the Formula One world champion for the second time! After much concern about whether the double points system would wreak havoc with the Brits chances he clinched the title with no difficulty whatsoever.

It has been six years since Hamilton was crowned champion at Mclaren-Mercedes, quite a considerable gap, which will make this years victory even sweeter. There had been worries about whether the double points system could see everything slip out from underneath Hamilton despite his significant lead. If he had suffered with car issues and dropped out of the race, Nico Rosberg would very easily have snatched the title. Luckily for the young driver it was in fact Rosberg who suffered with reliability issues and basically gifted the win to him.

Rosberg had performed excellently in qualifying and took pole position but did not capitalise on the situation and Hamilton steamed straight past him in lap one. The two battled it out for a good portion of the race until lap 25 when Rosberg reported that he was losing engine power. His pit team responded telling him that his Energy Recovery System (ERS) had failed and was now at a 160 horsepower disadvantage to Hamilton. This was essentially the end for the German and his team told him to retire but he told them he wanted to see it through and to his credit he managed to finish 14th.

Rosberg’s disaster presented a great opportunity for Williams to finish the season on a high. Felipe Massa and Vallteri Bottas both finished on the podium. A really fantastic end for Williams as they haven’t seen a double podium since 2005! Red Bull were disqualified during qualifying due to a problem with both their cars. The stewards discovered that they had broken race regulations by using a front wing that had far too much flex in it and as such was giving them a distinct advantage at race speed by providing a lot more down force than other cars. This meant that Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastien Vettel started the race from pit lane which obviously put them at a bit of a disadvantage. Despite this, Ricciardo, put in an absolutely fantastic performance and managed to climb all the way to fourth and was looking to trouble Bottas for a place on the podium but ran out of laps!

The Red Bull incident also helped out Jenson Button as he was bumped up to sixth on the grid following Ricciardo and Vettel’s disqualification. The Englishman managed to turn sixth into fifth at the end of the race which was a nice finish for someone who has been struggling to find form this season. He even performed some donuts at the end for the crowd. So that is it for this season then, it’s all over now we have to wait until next year for more Formula One action. All is not lost though because we still have Formula E to entertain us!

Formula E

Formula E was somewhat overshadowed by it’s older brother this weekend, which is fair enough considering it was the F1 finale but now that it’s over we should see Formula E take up a bit more of the limelight.

Sam Bird racing for Virgin Racing has become the second ever winner of a Formula E race. The second round of the championship was held in Malaysia at Putrajaya and it did not disappoint, it was just a shame that F1 had all the headlines for the weekend. Daniel Abt racing for Audi Sport ABT had put in a good qualifying performance, managing to grab himself third but unfortunately got off to a poor start and dropped down the field.

The first lap was full of incident as the two female racers managed to collide, taking themselves out of the race completely. Matt Brabham, who is the youngest of the FE drivers span his vehicle going into the chicane, straight into the side of Nick Heidfield who somehow seemed to shrug off the collision and kept right on going. This was all in the first lap and as such a safety car was brought out.

Nick Heidfield’s luck unfortunately ran out on the 8th lap after the restart when Franck Montagny forced him into the tyre barrier, which spelled game over for the Venturi driver. This was also unfortunate for Sam Bird as his had been building a bit of a lead until the crash forced a yellow flag which of course tightened the pack up again. Abt managed to take the lead again but unfortunately started running low on power towards the end of the race and lost the lead to Sam Bird with five laps to go, he crawled over the line after losing thirteen places and ending up in fourteenth.

Lucas Degrassi racing for Audi Sport ABT managed to take second and Sebastien Buemi of E.DAMS- Renault rounded off the podium, Nico Prost finished fourth and Jerome d’Ambrosio fifth. This series is shaping up to be a rather exciting one and now that Formula One has finished, expect increased attention in the media.

Formula 3

A very quick update from the world of F3, racing at the Macau Grand Prix. This track is very well known for creating some of the worst (best) crash sequences you can see on the internet. Despite the fact that the race actually looked great and the drivers were really going for it, the thing that most people will remember is this ridiculous multicar pile up. Just look at that car go flying over the barrier. Madness. They only get fifteen laps and they really make the most of it!

Well that’s it for the racing round up this week! Check back next week for more! Missed last week’s racing and want to catch up? Here is last week’s racing Round Up Fancy something a little bit different? How about a review of the Audi A4, our best finance deal this month!

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