Tragedy during Nascar race (So Far)

Tragedy struck the Nascar Sprint Cup Series in the USA this weekend as driver Kevin Ward Jr was struck and killed by fellow racer Tony Stewart. The circumstances of the accident are still under investigation as a video of the collision goes viral online.

The accident took place during a race on Saturday night. Exact details are still unreleased, although it appears that Ward and Stewart had a confrontation on the track moments prior to the collision. Eyewitnesses saw Ward and Stewart racing close together entering a bend on the dirt track. Stewart’s car seemed to shunt Ward’s car, sending it off the track. Ward was then seen to climb out of his car, seemingly unhurt, before walking onto the track in a bid to confront Stewart as he lapped. Dressed all in black with a black helmet, it appeared that Ward was trying to confront Stewart even though he was still racing. As Stewart made his way round, he struck Ward sending him flying almost fifty feet. Ward was pronounced dead on arrival at the local hospital.


Rumours and speculation continue to circulate as some eyewitnesses believe that Stewart changed direction to aim towards Ward. This belief was not echoed by local law enforcement investigating the accident who are not treating it as criminal. Stewart is no stranger to controversy. The three time Nascar Sprint Cup champion admitted to intentionally causing a crash back in 2013, a 13 car pile up that resulted in a broken back for fellow racer Alysha Ruggles. A spokesman for Stewart’s racing team Stewart-Haas called Ward’s death a tragic accident.

Nascar drivers paid tribute to Ward on twitter and social media. Dale Earnhardt Jr, Nascar racer who lost his father in a crash, expressed his sympathies.

There has been further controversy as the video of Ward's death continues to spread online and be shown on television news. The Nascar community are unhappy that the young man's death is being repeated on television when similar incidents have not.

A further investigation is expected later this week. More from the creditplus blog: Enzo Ferrari – The Best Quotes Racing Roundup 4th August Daniel Ricciardo – Ten Facts About The New Aussie F1 Star

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