It’s time for our round up of all the best bits of racing that we saw from over the weekend!


The fourteenth round of the Formula One World Championship took place in Singapore over the weekend. Lewis Hamilton took the win after a great race which will make it his seventh this season and his 28th career win overall and is now leading the championship.

Vettel followed in second after a fantastic battle with Daniel Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso in the closing laps, they finished third and fourth respectively.

Nico Rosberg, who was leading the championship, now trails three points behind Hamilton after he was forced to retire with electronic problems. The car was suffering from a problem with the gear selection which was made worse after the pit crew changed the steering wheels. He had to start from the pit lane as he never made it off the line for the formation lap, although he did make it out the car had no use of hybrid power and was unable to pass anyone, after the car would not select a gear he was forced to retire.

Hamilton had the lead right from the beginning and Mercedes decided to keep him out on his soft tyres, he had built up a lead of 25 seconds before he came in for his final pit stop. When he rejoined the race he was just ahead of Ricciardo and a few seconds behind Vettel who was leading at this point. The fresh rubber enabled Hamilton to breeze passed Vettel and go on to win.

A pretty intense battle between Vettel, Ricciardo and Alonso began for the remaining podium spots behind Hamilton with less and a second separating the trio but ultimately Ricciardo and Alonso could not close Vettel down. The final race results were as follows: 1st Hamilton, 2nd Vettel, 3rd Ricciardo, 4th Alonso and 5th Massa.

British Superbikes

TT Circuit Assen played host to the tenth round of the British Superbike Championships at the weekend and it was always going eventful considering how close the championship is at the top. Championship front runners, Shane ‘Shakey’ Byrne and Ryuichu Kiyonari, are currently engaged in a battle to see who will become the first ever four time BSB championship winner, aptly named the ‘War for Four’.

Despite being on foreign soil the BSB race weekend format stays the same, three free practice sessions on the Friday, three qualifying sessions on the Saturday and then two races take place on the Sunday. Shakey Byrne was looking to extend his lead on the championship but started his weekend a bit on the rocky side when he came off very unexpectedly in the second qualifying session. This meant that he would be starting all the way back in twelfth in the first race on Sunday. While this was not great news for Byrne it was just that for BSB debutant Christian Iddon, who managed to grab his first ever pole qualifying position! Iddon was supposed the race the whole season but unforeseen circumstances meant he could not get a ride until the tenth round and even now is only a ‘wildcard’ entry. Byrne’s luck did not continue in the first race of the weekend either as he crashed out again leaving Kiyonari to claim vital points with his main rival sitting at the trackside. Byrne was not the only casualty in the first race though, by race completion eleven riders had dropped out for one reason or another, among them was one of the other contenders for this years title, Josh Brookes! Tyco Suzuki’s rider Josh Waters ended up taking the win after the battle between Byrne and Kiyonari earlier in the race had left him with a gap and he didn’t need to be told twice to squeeze past the pair and managed to fight off Kiyonari to claim victory. The second race of the weekend was superb; some serious skill was on display in Assen on Sunday. Byrne faired much better and managed to snatch victory right out of the hands of his rival. Kiyonari could almost have tasted the win, until on the very last bend, the final opportunity to pass, Byrne piled the pressure on a pulled a stunning move to grab a last minute win and vital points to keep his lead at the top of the championship. The duo continue to wage the ‘War for Four’ and it looks like this one might go right down the wire! Be sure to follow the action if you don’t already.


Joey Logano has claimed the victory he has been waiting six years for, at his local track the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Logano took had his first ever race victory at the track six years ago but the weather had cut the race short and he never felt he had properly won. That has all changed now and Logano said “he could never have picked a better race track to win at”, he went on to say “I just want the lobster” “where is the lobster”, which is gibberish to those who don’t follow but he is talking about the uniquely shaped trophy at the NHMS.

Despite leading for a good while, Logano did fall behind into third at one point but the defining moment of the race came on the lap 273 restart. He was able to steam straight past Kevin Harvick and his teammate Brad Keselowski, Joey’s prowess in restarts really was key for this particular race. That is it for our roundup of the most exciting racing from over the weekend. If you want more motorsport then check out last weeks Racing Roundup. Or if you are after something totally different then why not check out our Totally Unscientific Car Boot Challenge!

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