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Range Rover vs Volvo XC90 | The Battle of the Luxury SUVs


These days there is more choice than ever when it comes to searching for the perfect SUV, ranging in style, price and size. However, with all this choice available on the market, it can be hard to decide on the best SUV for you.

Luckily for you, we have done our research and narrowed it down to two very worthy opponents. Check out our review of these two fantastically well equipped contenders; the Range Rover and the Volvo XC90. Let the battle commence!

Range Rover


What’s it all about?

There is nothing out there on the market quite like the Range Rover, the flagship model made by Land Rover. Instantly recognisable in all its four-wheel drive luxury glory, the Range Rover has long been the benchmark for all competing SUVs. This flagship reputation in the competitive SUV market has led it to become one of the most sought after of all the SUVs, associated with luxury as well as practicality – a real all-rounder!

What’s it like to drive?

As you can imagine, the Range Rover drives like a dream despite its enormous size and road dominating presence. With its fluid steering, the Range is able to navigate across all terrains with impressive control with its four-wheel drive expertise, perfect if you live out in the sticks. An extremely sturdy drive, you will feel at ease with its relaxed driving style, whilst packing a speedy punch when necessary. Not only a quality driving experience, the Range is also extremely safe and reliable, perfect for ferrying your family around in.

What’s it like on the inside?

With a plethora of celebrities choosing to drive (or be chauffeured in) the Range Rover, there is no surprise that it comes with a luxurious interior. With extensive legroom, the cabin of the Range Rover is as impressive as its driving ability. Silky smooth leather dominates the design, exuding prestige style with electrically adjustable, massaging, heated seats. A variety of technical and multimedia options adds an element of modern class. The Range also boasts a spacious boot, meaning it has many practical capabilities to match its materialistic appeal.

The Creditplus verdict?

The Range Rover is a result of what happens when you mix first class luxury with impeccable off-road ability. Although on the higher end of the price spectrum, you get more than your money’s worth with this trade mark SUV.

Volvo XC90


What’s it all about?

Volvo is renowned for its safety in the automotive industry, building some of the safest cars on the road, and actually invented the three-point safety belt back in 1959. The safety conscious brand takes their highly credited reputation extremely seriously, producing highly practical and well-built models. The Xc90 is no exception. Not only are you buying into one of the safest brands on the road, you are also investing in an extremely classy and stylish SUV.

What’s it like to drive?

The Xc90 prides itself on its relaxing and comfortable drive. A family SUV with punch, the Xc90 is able to drive safely and securely on wet road surfaces thanks to its sturdy four-wheel drive, perfect for any safety conscious drivers looking to taxi round their brood. With available aids, such as semi-autonomous parking, this SUV is one of the most advanced out on the roads, creating an extremely ‘easy’ drive, with enough punch to please the most confident petrol heads.

What’s it like on the inside?

The Volvo Xc90 is not only extremely safe, but also stylish. Visually appealing and minimalistic on the inside, the new dashboard is futuristic yet simple. Instead of an over indulgence of buttons and dials, the dashboard display is touch screen, easily touched, pinched and swiped into action. Its sleek leather interior gives the car an expensive feel, along with the practicality of seven seats. Although the boot is not huge, it can easily be extended by folding down up to 5 of the rear seats.

The Creditplus verdict?

Everything you can expect from a Volvo, and more! The high standard safety associated with Volvo, but the added extra of style and comfort to create a cool and comfy drive.

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