We’ve got something a bit fun for you today. I was just making my rounds on the internet this morning, seeing what I could find, you know how it is. Usually there is a lot of chaff to sort through and not a great deal of wheat but this one jumped right out at me and I’m so glad it did.

There isn’t much I can say about the video that you won’t be able to just see for yourself below. Watch as a group of remote control cars and drones try to save their teddy bear friend in a battle against the ‘battery bandits’. The production value is great and the use of some special effects work really well. I actually started to empathise with the little R/C cars, probably because they stuck little eyes on them but still, really good work! This is most likely going to go viral so watch it now and tell your friends you saw it before it was cool!

After I finished watching the video I checked out the rest of CorridorDigital’s YouTube channel, which you can find here. The name sounded really familiar and I realised I had watched loads of their videos on Cracked (which I highly recommend), they are really very talented. They upload quite frequently and yet their videos all always of a high quality. Most of them have nothing to do with cars though, so if you are a here because you are a car lover then they might not be your thing but I always like to support people who make great content for free! If, like me, enjoy messing around with toys and generally pretending you aren’t a grown up then you may well enjoy my blog post on childhood car toys! If, unlike me, you actually are a grown up you might be interested in our best car finance deal of the month – the Audi A4.

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