As we march on through April, there is one thing on the majority of our minds; summer is coming! Yes, lighter evenings, BBQs and beach trips are all on the agenda as the UK’s population revel in the Spring sunshine, preparing (or hoping) for a hot summer.

And loving the sun as much as us Brits do, it is often customary to book a week or two away in a more ‘tropical’ climate to really make the most of the season's sun rays. But as the news is plagued with the ever-evolving topic of Brexit, and the weakening of the British pound, it could be more beneficial to invest in a ‘stay-cation’.

What’s a ‘stay-cation’ you ask? Well to fight the financial burden of a holiday abroad, more and more people are choosing to spend their holiday in the UK. This may be a foreign concept to many, a holiday, in the UK? But there is an abundance of benefits for choosing to ‘holiday’ on home soil.

Benefits of staying in the UK


Despite the fierce competitiveness between rival airlines, and the many bargains to be found, flights abroad can still be costly. Especially when you add luggage fees, transport to the airport and the inevitable splurge in duty free. And once the children have broken up from school, it is often hard to find quality accommodation at a reasonable cost, as prices sky rocket over the summer break.

A cheaper alternative could be to camp or stay in a holiday park/hotel in the UK. Pack up the car, and hit the open road – yes you have to pay for petrol and all the other costs involved, but you are most likely going to make a considerable saving.


By choosing to stay in the UK for your summer break, you could actually be saving yourself from a lot of hassle and constraints.

For example, if you choose to stay on a campsite in the UK, you are more than likely able to leave at your own leisure (within reason) as the campsite isn’t going anywhere. The same cannot be said for a flight leaving from Gatwick at 5am, and as you find yourself scrambling around for passports in the middle of the night whilst frantically assembling sleep deprived family members (usually behind schedule) you are left wondering – is it worth the stress?

Pack as light as you like

Due to tight security and weight restrictions, you can often be limited in what you can actually pack for your holiday abroad. No liquids over 100ml in your hand luggage, a baggage allowance of 20kg and hefty fines make it hard to organise your packing. However, without the hassle of airport security or extra charges, you are able to pack what you want – to an extent obviously. There is no need to worry about stocking up on food and drink for the kids, or taking that extra jumper or two – if it fits in the car, its coming with!

Discovering the UK’s beauty

It can be said that a large majority of the UK population hasn’t properly explored the rugged beauty that is our historic island. As we sit at our desks dreaming of a tropical paradise overseas, we forget that our coastlines boast some of the best beaches in Europe. And with national parks littered across the UK, there is a whole wealth of picturesque scenery to be explored from the atmospheric hills of the Scottish Highlands, to the tranquil waters of the Lake District and the rolling heathlands of the New Forest, right on our doorsteps!

It’s not only natural beauty that the UK can boast, with an abundance of culture and history, the UK is littered with historical ruins as well as modern architectural masterpieces. Have you ever visited the world-famous Stonehenge? Or how about the magnificently regal Windsor Castle? They are all just a car journey away!

Road trips in the UK

If you are thinking of taking your summer holiday in the UK, why not plan a road trip? Factor in coasting along the country roads, taking in the beautiful scenery as part of your holiday. With plenty of opportunity to stop off and absorb the scenery, or visit tourist attractions, it makes sense to take advantage of the open roads. But where do you start?

With a bounty of routes to be discovered, you are quite frankly spoilt for choice, so here are a few options selected by Creditplus to get you started!

Cheddar Gorge – Somerset


Situated in the West Country about 10 miles south-west of Bristol, Cheddar Gorge is the largest gorge in Britain. As you meander through, the 500ft limestone cliffs dominate the view, dramatically towering over. The perfect terrain for feral goats to clamber about, which is always nice to spot for both children and adults alike. And if you fancy stopping off, there is plenty of opportunity to explore the cliffs as well as guided cave tours.

North Coast 500 – Scotland


Stretching from Inverness to the Kyle of Lochalsh, and up to the North coast to John O’Groats and back down the east coast returning to Inverness, this 500-mile route is a real adventure. To truly appreciate and explore the rugged scenery, it is best to allow yourself at least a long weekend. As you navigate the iconic single track roads, you will be treated with views of vast swathes of open countryside scattered with ancient ruins, medieval castles, and shingle-sand beaches.

Atlantic Highway – South West


This 275km stretch of road (the A39) runs parallel to the North coast of Cornwall and into North Devon, meaning you are never far from a stunning sea view. Its coastal route allows for an abundance of bays and beach breaks, perfect for surfers. Part of the route into North Devon takes you to the idyllic Exmoor National Park – ideal for hiking and family picnics. The route also includes the lively town of Newquay and Cornwall, so a weekend of partying is also on the cards!

Snake Pass – Peak District


This may be one of the shorter routes on our list, being only 42 miles in length, but it certainly doesn’t lack excitement and thrills. Located in the Derbyshire area of the Peak District, on this stretch of road you will be taken through the Pennines and the Ladybower Reservoir. With easy access from Sheffield and Manchester, you can look to expect tight corners and twister turns through the dramatic views of the National Trust’s High Peak Estate.

Black Mountain Pass – Brecon Beacons


The Black Mountain Pass (known to many as the less exciting A4069) navigates through the rolling hills of the Black Mountain range in Wales. With views cloaked with heather and grassland, the terrain is perfect for hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts, with vast expanses of untamed land to play with.

Get road trip ready with us!

As much as we all love a trip abroad to chase the sun and experience new cultures, a lot can be gained from holidaying around the UK. So why not dig out the road map this Summer and plan a road trip to remember?

Before you start, is your car road trip ready? With our extensive car search, Creditplus are sure to have the perfect vehicle to transport you and the family around the UK. Get in touch with our expert Customer Advisors on 0800 1777 290 and they will be able to assist you on your car finance journey. Or complete our simple, 2-minute online application form and our team will be on hand to help find the perfect car for you – just in time for the holidays!

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