We are all familiar with the big, friendly guy dressed in red with a white beard, who delivers presents to children across the world for Christmas, right? (We are talking about Santa if you are still guessing).

Every Christmas Santa spreads joy across the world as he is pulled in his sleigh by his magic reindeer, squeezing down chimneys, eating mince pies and dropping off gifts for little ones. However, what would happen if one year Rudolph and the reindeer gang suddenly fell ill? Or severe storms meant flying conditions became impossible? Or imagine if Santa was unable to fly due to medical reasons (even Santa must have his ailments time to time).

Well, at Creditplus we have been wondering; what would Santa choose to drive on his Christmas quest if the skies were off limits? Take a look at what we think are some of Santa’s best options below!

Ferrari LaFerrari


Considering Santa needs to deliver presents all around the world in a single night, we assume he will need to move pretty swiftly! And this is exactly what the LaFerrari is, swift, super swift. Boasting 950bhp, the LaFerrari encompasses all that is powerful and fast, perfect for Santa’s tight time schedule (and it matches his outfit!). However, there are only two seats, which perfect for taking Mrs. Claus for a spin, but the limited cabin space means there would be no room for all those presents.

Land Rover Discovery


Santa will no doubt be required to drive over a variety of different terrains in order to reach all those children across the globe. And the Land Rover Discovery is extremely capable of this. Land Rover’s first class off road ability is just what Santa needs to tackle the snow, boggy fields, and uneven ground on his quest. Surprisingly fast and evidently spacious, this is a far more practical option.

Jeep Wrangler


Another superb off-roader, the Jeep Wrangler was built to tackle rough terrains, which Santa will inevitably have to come Christmas Eve. Spacious and chunky, this car screams practicality. However, the Wrangler is not built for comfort, with wind and road noise needing to be considered. And as Santa has a VERY long journey ahead of him, we can forgive him for seeking a comfortable drive!

Bentley Mulsanne


When you think of Bentley, luxury springs to mind, and we think Santa would appreciate some luxury in his life. Being one of the most famous and iconic figures in the world, he deserves a vehicle to match his status. With a luxurious interior, Santa would be extremely comfortable sat in the driver’s seat of a Bentley Mulsanne on his round the world trip. However, he might struggle to squeeze all those presents into the boot!

Ford Galaxy

On such a long trip, Santa should be seeking out a sturdy and reliable motor, so we welcome the Ford Galaxy. Extremely spacious with foldable seats, the Galaxy has plenty of room for presents which is perfect for Santa. It is also comfortable enough for Santa to be able to relax as he tackles the monumental mileage ahead of him, it’s tiring work you know?

Fancy a car fit for Santa?

If you are searching for a new car fit for Mr. Claus himself (or any other car for that matter) then look no further because Creditplus are here to help!

Creditplus can supply a huge range of cars through our extensive car search, and provide the best finance deal suited to you. And it’s not only Santa that can deliver the goods, with our Find, Fund and Deliver service we can deliver your dream car straight to your door.

Apply now by completing our simple, two-minute application form or contact our Customer Advisor team on 0800 177 290 and they will be able to assist you in finding your perfect car and finance deal.

Merry Christmas!

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