The new school term is just around the corner. After a summer off, there might be one thing you are dreading more than anything else – the school run. The daily battleground between you and other parents to get your kids dropped off at school so you can go about your day.

With so many frazzled parents rushing around, it can also be a dangerous time to drive. So how can you carry out the school run and keep yourself and your little ones safe? Here’s our guide.

Give yourself time

Time is often your enemy when you’re doing the school run. Getting your kids out of bed, fed breakfast and then dressed for school is an unenviable task. You can quickly find the time you have to get them to school is running out and fast. It may sound like a simple solution, but the best thing to do is to give yourself more time. Start the routine 10-15 minutes earlier than normal. So when the inevitable delays for missing clothes or school books happens, you won’t be feeling the pressure.

Know your route and alternatives

If this is your first term doing the school run, it’s a good idea to scout out the route in advance. Knowing the right roads to take is one less thing to worry about. You should also have a few alternative routes in mind. Roadworks or heavy traffic can add to your stress level. By knowing another route to take, you can bypass the blockage and get to the school with plenty of time.

Just be careful when going down side roads and back streets. The chances are that other parents will know these routes, making them a bit busier than normal. These roads are often designed for less traffic, so be careful to watch out for hazards and pedestrians.

Find a safe place to park

The drop off is the final key part of the school run. This is where things can be at their most chaotic. Lots of children around means road safety is going to be affected. It doesn’t take much for a youngster to dart out from in between cars and into the road. So be alert!

You’ll also want a safe space to drop off your kids. Find somewhere close to the school that’s away from the peak traffic. Somewhere you can let the kids out and watch them safely to the school gates. You don’t want to be stopping in the road, as other cars will be putting pressure on you, and it’s not as safe for your children.

Don’t idle with the engine running

Pollution around the school gates is a big problem. With so many parents sat waiting at the end of the day, the temptation is to wait with the engine running. But idling away like this will drastically reduce the air quality around the school. You should also know that it has become an offence to sit with the engine running, and you may end up getting ticketed by the police. So find somewhere to park and turn the engine off!

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