We all like to feel younger than we are. To cling onto our youth for as long as possible. Perhaps its denial. Or maybe a sign of immaturity. Whatever the reason, age is just a number right?

But then comes family. Whether it’s the start of a new one, additions to existing ‘bundles of joy’, or just time to upgrade, there are few things that make you feel as old as exchanging your beloved cool car for something more family oriented.

True, not all of us will be swapping a stunning sportscar for a family wagon. But even if its your first car, having to swap it for something safer, more sedate, can really make you feel your age.

Fret not! There are some fantastic crossover SUVs on the market that will make you forget all about your old car.

Combining fun and style with the size and safety you need for your family, an SUV can be the solution to your mid-life crisis. At least until the little ones leave the nest.

Then it’s up to you if you want to invest in a leather jacket and a Harley Davidson. So, here’s seven top SUVs that will make you feel young again.

1. Nissan Juke


The smaller cousin to the ubiquitous Qashqai, the Nissan Juke takes everything great about it’s bigger relative and fits it into a slightly smaller, more refined package.

Not only is it a fantastic car to drive, but the high seating position means you feel like you have a superior view of the road to a standard estate or hatchback level trim.

Yes it is smaller than the Qashqai, but it still feels like a big car. It’s a great entry-level SUV for those upgrading from a hatchback to something bigger, giving you a real feel of what it is like to drive a big car, but without having to wince every time you reverse into a parking space.

2. Audi Q5


If there’s one thing that makes Audi’s cars stand out from the pack, it could be the famous German engineering that means each model is fitted with a fantastically refined, efficient engine.

Or it could be the bold distinctive Audi bodywork, the almost blocky curves that give the car a futuristic edge.

Whatever it is, the Audi Q5 has it in spades. But as well as the style and the va-va-voom beneath the bonnet, it’s also an extremely comfortable car to drive. It really does feel like you are in something space age, a car designed to get you from A to B in style.

3. Jaguar F-Pace


It seems every car company has been desperate to get in on the crossover SUV market, such was the trim’s sudden popularity and dominance of the family car market.

So it was with raised eyebrows that many car aficionados greeted the news that Jaguar would be entering the game. And when the name was revealed, that surprise quickly turned into laughter.

But the Jaguar F-Pace is no laughing matter. In fact, it is everything you could want from an SUV bearing the Jaguar badge. First, the design is simply gorgeous.

It still looks like a sleek Jaguar model, despite being bigger. Inside, everything has a polished feel, from the upholstery of the seats, to the slick, futuristic infotainment system. An SUV for those who wished they were driving an F-Type.

4. Skoda Karoq


It seems a given now that Skoda will continue to produce the best all-round cars on the market. From laughing stock, to market leader, while they might not sell as many cars as Ford, Vauxhall or Volkswagen, they continue to produce high-quality, well built vehicles that are a joy to drive and own.

The Skoda Karoq is the smaller of the two SUVs the car company produces. It feels a lot more refined than some of the other SUVs on this list, with a high-class interior that might surprise you.

The spacious interior is also a big plus, especially when it comes to fitting a family inside.

It’s also one of the better priced crossover SUVs on the market, and you certainly get a lot of value for money, thanks to its excellent economical engine range.

5. Alfa Romeo Stelvio


Yes, Alfa Romeo have built a crossover SUV. You’re eyes aren’t deceiving you. So what does the famous Italian car maker bring to the crowded family car market?

Well the Alfa Romeo Stelvio has a powerful four-cylinder engine, giving the car plenty of grunt when you put the foot down, even if its not as sleek as a Giulietta.

The styling is also simply beautiful, with the distinctive Alfa Romeo grille that is enough to put a big smile on your face.

It also handles well for a car of its stature, with the option of a rear or four-wheel drive to give you the control you desire.

6. Volvo XC60


At the pricier end of the spectrum, Volvo have produced a simply stunning car that has everything you could want from a car, not just an SUV.

The Volvo XC60’s key selling point is how relaxing it is to drive. When you get behind the wheel, you can imagine yourself cruising along a road somewhere in Scandinavia, taking in the beautiful landscapes from the comfort of your car.

Another key point of the XC60 is how smooth the ride is. Great for you as a driver, but also for your family too, especially if you have little ones sat in the back who are drifting off to sleep. No bumps in the road to shake them out of their slumber.

7. SEAT Ateca


For something a bit bolder and more rugged, the SEAT Ateca seems to focus on the sport in sports utility vehicle.

The Ateca looks great, and drives like a rally car, albeit one that has been tamed slightly for the road.

Whether you are attacking a turn in the countryside or a city street, you’ll feel in total control at all times.

It has a good height, with plenty of headroom and an excellent vantage of the road. And if you are tackling the road less travelled, then the four-wheel drive option is a must.

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