Cats. They’re the life force of the internet. Without cat videos we would be forever bored with nothing to tweet. There would be nothing to email to our friends on the other side of the desk at work. This is why our car video of the month has been chosen, and it’s got a cat in it.

Not only does it feature a cat, but also a bunch of heroes saving a cat. Where is the valiant feline? Well, for reasons unknown to myself, the men in the video or cat experts around the world, this brave kitty decided to take a nap inside the suspension of a truck. How did it get there? Why would it do that? How long was it trapped there? I have no idea as to the answers to any of these questions, but I do have the video. Watch it below, and be amazed. The video is quite long, so if you’re too worried about the cat to keep watching, just skip to just after 6:00 and you’ll see the conclusion of this epic tale…

SPOILER: The cat was OK!

Do you know of any more crazy cat/car videos? Let us know in the comments!

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