Football fever has hit the UK this summer. Whether you think it’s coming home or just can’t wait for it to end, you have to admit it’s nice to be able to get behind the England squad as Southgate and the boys try to claim Euro glory.

Every time a football tournament comes around, the focus on the players hits a fever pitch. Who is in good form? Who deserves to start? And who is going to be at fault when England eventually limp out of the tournament? But there’s one question we at Creditplus have to ask – what car do the top players drive? We took a look to find out.

Harry Kane


England’s captain Harry Kane is not known for his flashy sense of style. Seemingly down to earth, it’s not surprising to find that he doesn’t drive one of the flashier footballer cars. Still, Premier League wages means he was never going to go for a Ford Fiesta! No, his car of choice is the Bentley Continental GT Supersports. With a retail price of £200,000, it’s certainly one to help him travel in style to training. It’s also one of the most expensive cars you can find in the England squad.

Kyle Walker


A speedy full back needs something a bit more extravagant. So it’s good to see England and Manchester City’s Kyle Walker has gone for a real beauty – the Lamborghini Huracan. At £155,400, it’s a bit cheaper than the Bentley, but what it lacks in price it makes up for in pace and prowess.

Raheem Sterling


The England forward finds himself in the news a lot for his spending habits. But if we were earning what he was, we would be splashing the cash too. For his car of choice, he also goes for a Bentley, but Raheem prefers the Bentley Bentayga, the SUV model that should help him avoid the rabid paparazzi that seem to stalk his every move.

Jordan Henderson


England’s vice captain has perhaps been influenced by Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp with his choice of car – the Audi RS7. It’s a lot sportier than the Bentley choices, with a top speed of 190 mph. A car that goes against Henderson’s model professional appeal. Are you sure you don’t want a car from one of England’s key sponsors Vauxhall?

Jordan Pickford


Being an England goalkeeper has to be one of the toughest roles in the squad. Not only do you carry the weight of the nation’s hopes on your shoulders, but if you make a mistake, you are more likely to concede a goal than any other position. So what car does Jordan Pickford get in for the drive back after training? The Mercedes-Benz C220 AMG Sport. Not one of the priciest cars on the list, it still packs plenty of quality into its body.

Marcus Rashford


The star of the England team, not just for his performances but for his fantastic charity work and political influence, it’s only fair that Marcus Rashford should be able to treat himself to a nice car. And in fact, he has a collection of vehicles, with a particular fondness for Mercedes-Benz. Our pick from his collection? The Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 4x4. A lot nicer than the rather boring Range Rover that most footballers go for.

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