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You’ve spent hours down the gym. Worked hard to tone and shape your body into its optimum state. You’ve been to a quality clothes store, bought the threads to match your persona and ambition. But what about your car? There’s no point putting in all the time and effort on your appearance if you drive around in an average car. Finding the car to match your high standards can be difficult. Here are the icons you need to be looking at for inspiration. Then we’ll tell you how to get a statement car sooner than you think.


Class warfare is back and more virulent than ever, so it takes a real man to shake off the stereotype and be loved despite their background of opulence and wealth.

Tom Hiddleston


The quintessential English gentleman. Impeccably polite. Extremely talented. And always dressed to impress. Even when playing a comic book character surrounded by flashing lights and garish explosions, Hiddleston’s class shines through. He also loves his cars. The days of driving a 1.1 litre Peugeot 106 are long behind him. Now he is the face of Jaguar, starring in an advert alongside elder statesmen Sir Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong and not looking out of place.

The commercial pokes fun at British actors, how they often seem to play the villain in the big garish “movies”. When you have actors like Hiddleston flying the flag for England, no wonder the Americans choose us Brits to represent everything they fear – style, class and prestige.

Benedict Cumberbatch


Not only has he reinvented one of literature’s greatest characters for the 21st century, the Sherlock star has also become a style icon and sex symbol. Always dressed to perfection, Cumberbatch makes looking like a god seem effortless.

This has not gone unnoticed. Like his fellow gentleman Hiddleston, Cumberbatch has been hired by Jaguar to front their brand. Which is convenient, as he was already driving their XKR Sports Car. Cumberbatch chose a car to match his personality. Striking, daring, not afraid to take risks. Just read this interview taken whilst he was ice driving in Finland. Most people couldn’t pull off the action hero image whilst remaining impeccably dressed. But then again, Cumberbatch isn’t most people.


No men on this planet are better than the British at being adulterous, devilish rogues who break women’s hearts and get away with it. All it takes a smirk and a few drops of poison whispered into the ear and reputations are repaired. Womanising isn’t a bad personality trait, it’s a hobby.

Jude Law


Almost as famous for his lovelife as he is for his acting abilities, Jude Law has able to transcend the usual taint that comes from being featured in the glossy gossip pages. Any man who can cheat on Sienna Miller and leave with his dignity and reputation intact must be doing something right. Keeping himself at the forefront of men’s fashion whilst retaining some individuality is no easy task.

When you see what Law drives, it’s easier to see just how he keeps his image of effortless style. Not only does he drive a Mercedes SLK and a SL550, he’s also been spotted roving around in a classic Mercedes 380 SL. The man knows his style and has the cars to match.


Michael Fassbender


Not many men would be brave enough to expose themselves on camera, even more so when it comes to film. Yet Fassbender had the courage and the…equipment to appear naked in a film about a sex addict’s collapse into depravity. The problem is, Fassbender makes it look so good. If you looked like him, wouldn’t you want to have it away with as many beautiful woman as possible? It would certainly be easy.

Fassbender also rides a motorcycle. He recently travelled across Europe on a BMW GS. If that wasn’t enough, he was joined on the journey by his father who rode a Triumph Tiger. Seems the style and taste may be genetic. Fassbender’s dream car is a Porsche 550 Spyder and his character drove a Bentley Convertible in “The Counselor”. No matter what car he’s driving, we know he’s not overcompensating for anything.


Rules are made to be broken. That’s the attitude of the maverick. A hint of danger, like something could explode at any moment. Not like in an action film. But sexual tension, simmering beneath the surface.

Idris Elba


Oozing an almost dangerous amount of sex appeal, Idris Elba walks and acts like the man who knows he can do what he wants and lose nothing of his image. Rapping with Jay-Z? Why not. Starting a production company named after one of the first interracial porn films? Of course. It doesn’t matter to Elba. He has the confidence to follow through his actions and walk away with his head held high.

He also loves his cars. Not many big Hollywood actors could get away with fronting a documentary on cars for BBC Two, but he did it. Then again, not many Hollywood actors would have been caught speeding whilst taking part in the Gumball Rally. Elba is different. He drives an Escalade and a Dodge 1500 Ram. He is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. In fact, he embraces it.


Tom Hardy


Some actors have a hint of danger about them. Like they could explode at any moment, into a fit of rage that would frighten you. Just look at the television interviews Tom Hardy gives. He seems uncomfortable, every awkward attempt at joking from the host is greeted with nothing more than a withering glance and a polite smile. The whole celebrity thing is an irritant, an unwanted side effect of the craft he dedicates his life to.

Who wouldn’t want to be Hardy? He’s handsome, regular visitor to Savile Row, and still keeps his individuality. He even drives an Audi R8, virtually single handedly reclaiming the cars reputation from the hands of overpaid footballers.


You have the desire to drive a statement car, something to make you stand out from the crowd. But perhaps you don’t have the cold hard cash to make that big purchase. You work hard and yet it seems like you’ll have to wait for that final piece of the puzzle.

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