Self-care is big business these days. We are all told (and rightly so) that we need to take more time to look after ourselves, to try and be healthy, stretch those legs, drink plenty of water and just consider how things impact us.

 As car loves, we should be doing the same to our vehicles. While many of us just treat our cars as a way to get from A to B, a little bit of TLC (and not just to pass the MOT) will make driving so much better. Here are some reasons why it’s so important to maintain your car.

It prevents breakdowns

This might be obvious, but looking after your car and making sure it’s running properly will mean you are much less likely to have a breakdown. Having your car inspected by a garage or learning to do it yourself, you can spot problems before they arise and prevent a potentially expensive breakdown.

 If you are planning on maintaining the car yourself, then don’t just focus on the usual oil level, water level and tyres. Make sure you look at other things like checking the brake fluid, cleaning the air filters thoroughly, and even changing the oil. There are plenty of instructional videos online for almost every make and model, so you can pick up some great tips there.

It prevents accidents

The last thing any driver wants is to be involved in an accident. But it’s even worse if that accident was perfectly avoidable. By having your car well maintained, you can ensure that if you need to slam on your brakes, use your foglights, or just try and avoid a collision, the car will not let you down.

It preserves value

If you are planning on changing your car in a few years time, then you will want to do things to preserve some value in the vehicle. While you can reduce the amount of miles you drive each year, and make sure any bump or scratch is quickly touched up, having a good record of all the car maintenance you have carried out is also a good way to increase the worth of your vehicle. Not only does it mean the car is in good working condition, but it also shows you were a careful and considerate driver, making it easier to justify a higher price. Just make sure you keep all the invoices and receipts of the work done.

It reduces stress

Worrying about your car, especially on longer journeys, is not something that every driver experiences. But if you have an older model or are just of a nervous nature, than any strange sound or bump on the road can have you fearing the worst. Knowing that you have well-maintained the car will help reduce that anxiety.

It makes your car nicer to drive

Having a well-maintained, well looked after car makes it a lot nicer to drive. You feel happier behind the wheel, and the car will operate a lot more smoothly. Making for a much better driving experience, no matter if you love driving or not. Ideal to help your own personal wellbeing too.

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