When it comes to a family car, there’s one thing that isn’t that important. Speed. You don’t want or need sleek, aerodynamically designed curves that have spent hours being tested in a wind tunnel, only to be adjusted by a millimetre or two. You want practicality, the maximisation of space, comfort for you and your little ones, and safety.

That’s why we at Creditplus, have put together this list of the slowest family cars you can buy on the market. Which makes a snail look sleek? Or a sloth seem like a cheetah? Here’s our Top 9...

1. Toyota Prius


Are you surprised to see this car on the list? The Toyota Prius has had a reputation for a long time for being a car beloved just by those wanting to show off their green credentials. Big and blocky, it was one of the first widely available cars with a hybrid engine. So you shouldn’t be surprised that the technology wasn’t really tuned for the racetrack. 0-60mph in 10 seconds is a slouch to say the least.

But it’s not a bad car. Efficient technology means it is cheap to drive and run. There is plenty of space inside the cabin for you and your family to fit comfortably. And, most importantly, it receives a top safety rating from the Euro NCAP tests.

2. Kia Soul


You’d think you would need plenty of power to get an SUV going. But the Kia Soul is more of a crossover SUV by styling, rather than execution. It’s not going to give you that high seating position and powerful drive of a Qashqai or a Touareg. And 0-60 in 12 seconds, it might be quicker to walk.

But the Kia Soul is a spacious car, with a big boot and an interior cabin that has plenty of head and leg room. Plus, the Kia Soul is one of the most distinctive looking cars on the market. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, that’s down to your own personal taste!

3. Mitsubishi Mirage


If you want a car with a really distinctive look, then you can’t go wrong with the Mitsubishi Mirage. Have you ever seen one on the road? This compact supermini is not spotted often on the road, but that’s not because it will be flying past at high speed. 0-60 in 11.7 seconds is not something that sets pulses racing.

But you may also think the car is a mirage based on the amount you pay for it. Low running costs and a good sense of reliability means you won’t feel a big hit in your bank account.

4. Toyota Yaris


Another Toyota? Don’t they need to drive quickly in Japan? Well if you head to any of their megacities, then you’ll know that speed isn’t going to do you much good in a mega traffic jam. Even so, you’d expect something so small (the Yaris is one of the smallest Toyota models on the market) to be at least a little bit nippy. Ranked as the fifth slowest production car in the world, the Yaris won’t get you anywhere fast.

But it will get you there in a well-built, efficient and reliable model. The key selling point is the spacious interior, with plenty of room to fit a family of five (two adults and three young children). It’s not the most exciting car to drive, but it rates well for safety and won’t break your bank balance.

5. Nissan Versa Note


Another car from Japan that puts practicality and use over the need for speed, the Nissan Versa Note is the latest in their range of superminis. It’s not the most expensive car to buy, and you’ll find that most of the savings have come from beneath the bonnet.

But that makes the Versa Note an ideal city car. When you’re driving around narrow streets or slipping the car into tight parking spaces, you don’t need power. You need dependability, so you don’t break down, and a safety rating that won’t have you worrying about your little ones in the back.

6. Citroen Berlingo


Finally, a car that isn’t from the Far East on this list! If you took a look at the Citroen Berlingo, you definitely wouldn’t be thinking about speed. Its big blocky design has only one thing in mind – space.

This focus can be seen all around the car. The sliding rear doors are the big stand out, meaning you can open them in a tighter space, something likely to happen due to the car’s bigger size, so you have plenty of breathing room. For growing families, the huge amount of rear space gives you plenty of breathing room too.

7. Smart ForTwo


A car you might not be surprised to see on this list, the Smart ForTwo has always been one of the most visually striking cars on the market. But style doesn’t mean substance, and by substance I mean power beneath the hood. Made with city driving and living in mind, the ForTwo sacrifices engine power for handling and efficiency. But it comes with a good safety rating and there are a huge range of optional extras to choose from so you can customise your car.

8. Toyota Aygo


Another Toyota? Well they clearly don’t care too much about speed in their mass-production models. 0-62mpnh in 15.5 second won’t get your blood pumping. But it’s a well-built, reliable car, just like the other Toyotas on the list.

9. Suzuki Jimny



The final slow car on our slow car list is the Suzuki Jimny. It looks like a normal jeep that has been shrunk down a few sizes. That is pretty much the case, especially when it comes to the power and pace of the engine. 0-62mph in 14.1 seconds is more likely to have you yawning then roaring with excitement.

But once again, speed isn’t everything. It’s a solid, well built car, that makes the most out of the space available. And if you don’t live in the city, then this Jimny is great off-road, even without the huge engine.

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