It’s the time of year where we all start scratching our heads trying to work out just what to get our friends/families/secret santas for Christmas.

And you’ve probably asked lots of them only to hear “I don’t mind”, “I have what I need”,  “something small” or “just surprise me”. Don’t fall for it! All of these are traps and you are likely to see disappointment or fake smiles that will leave you cursing yourselves until the next Christmas.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially if that special someone is a petrol head. It doesn’t have to be difficult to find the perfect gift for the car lover in your life. And, to make things even easier, here’s our guide to the best Christmas gifts for petrol heads.

1. Driving experience days

If you have a petrol head in your family, chances are they have spent many a hour talking about the car of their dreams. But for many, the idea of owning their special vehicle is a pipe dream, several thousands, maybe even millions of pounds away.

A driving experience day is the perfect way to treat them to a trip in their ideal car. From classic cars like the Jaguar E Type, to high-end sportscars and race vehicles, you can give them a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive the car of their dreams. Even if it’s just for an hour or two, the memory will last a lot longer than just Christmas.

But if you want to do something a little more different, then you can go up another level and get them something a bit more…unique. Tank driving experience! Yes, you can get behind the wheel of a war machine and pretend you’re on the battlefield. Before getting back behind the wheel of your hatchback!

2. Driving holidays


If you have a bit more money to spend or can club in with a few other friends or family members, a driving holiday can be an experience like no other. Whether its cruising through Italy in a classic Italian car, or driving the iconic Route 66 in an American muscle car, there are a number of driving holidays you can choose from.

Our particular favourite is for those who can ride a motorbike, as you can take a trip on a Harley-Davidson and join your very own biker gang. Spend a week living like Easy Rider!

3. Motorsport tickets

If they love cars, the chances are they probably also love motorsport. So tickets to one of the many top level racing events that take place in the UK across the year makes an ideal gift.

The pick of the bunch is the British Grand Prix, which takes place across a whole weekend and is similar to a festival with camping, live music and a whole host of events away from the track.

Moto GP is another of the year’s highlights, if two-wheels are more of your thing. Then there’s the British Touring Car Championship, which takes place all over the country.

If you want something a bit more niche, there’s everything from stock car and banger racing, to truck racing and off-road rally days. So you can find something unique and different this Christmas.

4. Car cleaning kits


Some petrolheads spend as much time cleaning their cars as they do driving them. So why not splash out on one of the many car cleaning and detailing kits there are out there?

You can find all sorts of specialist waxing and polishing products ranging in complexity, so if they want to spend an hour or a day in the company of the love of their life, you can choose one that fits.

There are even some make your own car cleaning kits, where you can brew your own polish and waxing products. It’s a bit different and takes a bit of work, but it can really be a unique gift that will bring them closer to their beloved.

5. Cleaning vouchers

If they don’t have as much time as they would like to spend cleaning their car, you can get them a voucher for a decent valeting. If you want a budget version, create your own vouchers to have YOU clean the car for them.

Perfect for your partner or parents, as it saves you money and gives you an excuse to spend time with them.

6. Personalised artwork


While you might not see why your petrolhead friend loves their car so much, you can still give them something to show that you understand their affection.

A quick search online and you find a huge number of artists who will be happy to take a commission of a painting, illustration or a replica model of their pride and joy.

And it doesn’t even have to be a specialist automotive artist. You can have the artwork framed, printed on a t-shirt, on a mug. The options are almost endless!

7. Car club membership

A gift for both you and the petrolhead. Finding a specialist car club that covers the make and model of the car they love will let them connect with likeminded individuals so they can talk for hours about their passion. Hours they would normally spend bending your ear!

Seriously though, a car club membership can be a great way to help your petrolhead socialise and make new friends, all while celebrating their love for their car.

8. Novelty accessories


Fuzzy dice? Headlight eye lashes? There are a whole host of novelty gifts you can buy that will make your petrolhead laugh their head off. From hilarious bumper stickers to a beaded massage seat cover, while it may start off as a joke, you often find they end up using them for a lot longer than you might expect.

But be careful. Novelty gifts can backfire. So just make sure that, if you’re sharing the car with the petrolhead, that the gift you give is not something that’s going to make you feel absolutely ridiculous driving it yourself!

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