It’s Monday morning, which means the weekend is over and it’s time to get back in your car and brave the traffic for your early morning commute.

At first just the thought of the traffic, bad roads, and Monday morning blues has caught your mood…

Time to leave the pets at home to fend for themselves for a few hours and hit the road. The car has misted up overnight, but you’re already late so no time to wait for that screen to clear – you’ll just have to hang out of the window for a bit… Things aren’t helped when you hit that pothole that the council STILL hasn’t fixed Luckily though, the sun is shining, so it seems only right to drop the top Good thing you did, because your oh so attractive neighbour just happens to be passing… Did they just wink back? Was it just a twitch? Who cares, you’ll take that! You turn on the radio and your favourite driving song comes on And you can’t help but sing along.

All that singing has gotten you hungry, so you stop for a sub-standard fast food breakfast Breakfast done, you take a look at the time – and you’re really, really late now! Time to put your foot down! But the speed doesn’t last long, because some idiot on a mobile phone has managed to block up the traffic… You finally make it into work, and see the perfect car parking space

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