The weather is getting warmer, the evenings are getting longer and you can almost taste summer in the air. And on a hot summer’s day what could be better than cruising along in a convertible with your roof down and your radio up?

If you’ve always dreamt of having your own convertible but considered them to be too expensive – think again! Here at Creditplus, we’ve put together a list of 10 affordable convertibles which don’t require a second mortgage.

Here is our list of the Top 10 affordable convertibles.

1. Mazda MX-5


Recognised as the world’s best-selling convertible, the MX-5 is a fantastic all-rounder which is great value for money.

It’s super agile and fun to drive, creating a pleasurable driving experience which challenges even it’s more expensive rivals.

However, the MX-5 lacks a turbocharged engine and therefore requires heavy revving for maximum performance, although this shouldn’t cause too much bother unless you’re a real speed demon.

If you opt for one a fourth-generation MX-5, you’ll enjoy an impressive range of features as standard; including LED headlights, air-conditioning, electric windows, heated wing mirrors, traction control, stability control and more!

2. Fiat 500C


If you’re looking for a small city run-around then the Fiat 500C may be your answer. However, warning – when we say “small” we mean small.

While you can just about squeeze two small children into the back seats, it’s a different story for adults. There is however, plenty to love about the Fiat 500C, including its cute styling, light steering and cheap running costs.

3. Peugeot 108 TOP


The 108 may seem a little boxy looking and there’s little room to stretch out inside, however cruising along with the fabric roof folded down will diminish these troubles in no time.

However, don’t expect to get anywhere quickly, as the 108’s tiny 1.0 litre engine takes over 13 seconds to accelerate from 0-62mph, while the optional automatic gear box is even slower.

Aside from the roof, (or lack of shall we say), the TOP is basically an exact replica of the hard-top 108. However, an exciting new feature is the seven-inch touchscreen with smartphone mirroring which comes as standard.

4. MINI Convertible


Slightly pricier, however the mini convertible oozes style and finesse and is sure to turn plenty of heads. The interior is just as plush and luxurious as the standard 3-door Mini, the only real difference is the available head space when the roof is up.

Just like the standard 3-door Mini, the convertible is great to drive with superb handling and great suspension – so you won’t need to worry about getting bounced out of your seat.

Unfortunately, unlike the standard 3-door Mini, there is very little legroom for passengers in the rear seats, and the boot space is also limited. Therefore, you may wish to look for a more practical option if you require the space.

5. Citroën C1 Airscape


The Citroen C1 Airscape is outrageously cheap and therefore deserves a place on this list, however unlike the Mazda MX-5, it shows it in pretty much all departments.

It lacks refinement, generating a lot of wind noise at speed (even with the roof up), although you’ll probably only notice this if you’re going downhill.

The rest of the time you’ll be struggling to reach a decent speed at all, as the Airscape’s only choice of engine is a 1.2 litre petrol engine which has a sluggish 72hp.

However, the C1 Airscape will get you from A to B with the wind running through your hair, which is an exhilaration in itself. And on a gorgeous sunny day with the roof down, who cares if your journey takes a little longer?

6. BMW 4 Series Convertible


Another more expensive alternative, however you get a lot for your money with this comfortable cruiser. And unlike other alternatives in its class, the 4 Series comes equipped with a full range of driver conveniences including a 6.5-inch infotainment system, satnav, real-time traffic updates, automatic air conditioning and internet connectivity - very generous for BMW.

The 4 Series Convertible is unfortunately a little slower than its rivals, however this is made up by the fact that it’s an extremely comfortable, stylish ride.

7. Smart ForTwo Cabrio


The Smart ForTwo Cabrio is perfect if you’re after a small city run around. And if you’re not a natural when it comes to parking - the Cabrio is definitely right for you.

However, the entry-level 1.0-litre isn’t particularly nippy to say the least, so you’re therefore much better opting for the 0.9-litre which has 90hp thanks to its turbo charge.

The steering on the Cabrio is so light you’ll be able to accomplish a U-Turn just about anywhere, and you’ll find it dead easy to cut in and out of traffic.

But don’t opt for the Cabrio if you’re regularly driving up and down the motorway, as it gets pretty noisy and you’ll find the nimble steering will make you feel like you’re in a go-cart.

8. Audi A3 Cabriolet


Ok so the A3 Cabriolet may somehow have sneaked its way into this list and many will argue – quite reasonably, that it does not belong among “affordable convertibles”.

However, for a premium convertible, it’s actually very reasonably priced. Its classy cabin is everything you’d expect from an Audi, and it’s performance is exceptional.

The A3 offers a range of powerful turbocharged engines, however, the best option is the 1.4-litre which is both quick and efficient which means cheap running costs.

Plus, with an extensive range of standard features including a leather-wrapped steering wheel, DAB digital radio for the eight-speaker stereo and air-conditioning, you're undeniably getting great bang for your buck.

9. Vauxhall Cascada


Vauxhall have somewhat boldly put forward the Cascada, as an intended rival for the more premium, luxurious convertibles, however in a highly competitive class the Cascada has a lot to offer. It’s comfortable, spacious and well-refined, with an abundance of technology and driver conveniences.

Even the entry-level SE trim features air-con, 18-inch alloys, a DAB tuner, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, rear parking sensors, an aux-in port and a USB connection, as well as the OnStar concierge, telematics and wi-fi system.

All this yet the Cascada remains very reasonably priced, and much cheaper than the alternatives in its class.

10. VW Golf Cabriolet


Finally, the last convertible on our list, the Golf Cabriolet. The Cabriolet is built to Golf’s consistently high standards, with a well-designed interior that consists of quality materials, just as you would expect from a standard Golf, or pretty much any VW for that matter.

While many convertibles will compromise practicality or performance, the Cabriolet manages to achieve both, providing excellent performance yet offering plenty of space and comfort. 

The Cabriolet is extremely quiet and well-refined, to a level which many of it’s more expensive rivals struggle to contend with.

So if you want to avoid the feeling of a helicopter flying over your head while you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing drive, the Golf is your answer.

Get your convertible in time for summer

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