If you could wake up on Christmas morning and find any car wrapped up nicely under the tree, what would you go for?

Something extravagant like a Ferrari or Lamborghini? Or maybe a little classier like a Bentley? Or, why not go all out on something truly special like a hypercar?

The good news is that dreaming is free. The bad news is many of the cars we dream of are going to be far out of our price range. So, this Christmas why not dream of something a little more realistic?

A fantastic new car doesn’t have to break the bank balance. So, with this in mind we’ve compiled our very own Christmas list! And we can assure you that all the cars on this are much better than nice...

Here are the top 10 cars on Creditplus’s Christmas list 2019.

1. BMW 3 Series


There are many things that make the BMW 3 Series special. For a start, you have the excellent BMW engines that have been refined and fine-tuned for optimal performance.

Then you have the stunning interior with its high-quality, expensive touch. You’ll find few cars that make you feel so comfortable, as you cruise along the motorway behind the wheel of the 3 series.

Regularly the most popular car we finance each month here at Creditplus, our customers certainly have great taste. Is this the one you want under the mistletoe this Christmas?

2. Nissan Qashqai


While your kids might be going crazy for Santa and the contents of his sack, you can be thinking about this fantastic family car as a gift for you and all the little ones this Christmas.

Quickly becoming THE family car of choice, the Nissan Qashqai has a reputation as sturdy as its build. With an excellent high seating position you have a perfect view of the road, handy for spotting any hazards ahead.

Spacious interior means you’re kids will have to stretch to fight each other. But they might be too becalmed by the smooth ride to really get too irritable.

A car that solves those regular family headaches. Perfect!

3. Ford Focus


Ford have seemingly mastered the ability to build the perfect mass-market car. We were torn between the Focus and the Fiesta, but ended up plumping for the slightly bigger model.

If you read a review of the Focus, chances are you’ll see the words “excellent all-rounder”. And that’s because it is.

Safe, smart to drive and economical, the Ford Focus is the perfect car for new drivers, those who want hassle-free driving, or those just starting their family.

4. Volkswagen Golf


The car of choice for those who wish they were driving anything but a hatchback, the Volkswagen Golf built its reputation on being sportier, faster and just all-round cooler than the majority of hatchbacks.

While it’s a bit tamer than it used to be, the Golf still has the edge over other hatchbacks almost on reputation alone.

Powerful engines in a range of options mean you can choose one to fit what you want. So if you’re a boy racer or just want to remember what it was like to be one, the Golf is still a great choice.

5. Skoda Octavia


If you want an estate this Christmas, then you can’t do much wrong with the Skoda Octavia. Winning countless car of the year awards, from both the industry and consumers, the Octavia has battled hard to claim its crown.

One of the great things about the Octavia is they have been built with reliability in mind. So even if you pick up one that’s a few years old, you’ll benefit from the thought and effort that’s gone into its creation.

6. Vauxhall Corsa


We couldn’t have a Christmas list without something homegrown on it. And, even if its parent company might be a huge multinational concern, there’s something very British about the Vauxhall Corsa.

Maybe it’s the no frills approach to driving, doing all the basics well. Maybe it’s all the optional extras so you can tailor it to fit you like a suit from saville row?

Or maybe it’s the sense of pride you might feel as you drive one of the few British cars left? A worthy competitor to the Fiesta or Golf.

7. Renault Clio


However, if you want something a bit more continental, the Renault Clio is an excellent alternative to the Corsa.

One of the most popular cars in France and beyond, this European classic will have you all thinking about those legendary “Clio? Papa?” TV adverts from the nineties.

Without the nostalgia, it’s a quality car, built for battling both the city streets and the suburbs.

8. Audi A3


If French isn’t your flavour of choice, then why not go for something a bit more German?

The Audi A3 certainly packs more of a punch than the Clio. And with its striking design, intelligent driving features, and efficient engines, it has a lot more than just its pedigree going for it.

9. Toyota Prius


Maybe you want to give a gift to planet earth this Christmas? In that case, why not go as electric as the lights on your tree with the Toyota Prius.

One of the first hybrid cars to hit the UK market, the Prius has become one of the best vehicles for you, your family and your carbon footprint.

So whether you want to save money on tax, insurance and petrol, or you want to lessen your impact on the environment, the Prius is the answer to your Christmas prayers.

10. Mercedes C-Class


We wouldn’t have a list without a bit of luxury on it. So why not the Mercedes C-Class?

It combines a lot of what makes the other cars on this list so great. Beautiful bodywork, intelligent design choices, efficient, powerful engines.

And while it may set you back a bit more than the other cars on our Christmas list, if you can’t treat yourself at Christmas, then when can you?

Inspired to make a change?

If any of these cars have made you wish for something different this Christmas, then why not let Santa focus on all the boys and girls of the world, by having Creditplus help you get the car you want this Christmas.

Applying for car finance with Creditplus is a quick and easy process, with your dedicated customer consultant doing all the hard work for you as they take you every step of the way.

With a network of trusted dealers, we will be able to find the perfect car for you. We’ll even deliver it direct to your doorstep.

So what are you waiting for? Make your Christmas special and apply online for car finance with Creditplus.

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