Cross your fingers. Say a prayer. Maybe even do a little magic spell. Whatever it takes to try and conjure up another summer as glorious and golden as 2018. Last year, we were truly spoilt by the three months of amazing weather. If this year’s summer is half as good, we will still have one of the best ever.

Whatever the weather might be, summer is the perfect time of year to head out in your campervan and see the sights. Having a little home away from home makes for a perfect excuse to head out on an overnight trip, meaning you can travel a little further knowing you have everything you need stored in the back of your camper. So, with the world – or the UK – as your oyster, where will you go?

Here are ten of the best destinations for you and your campervan this summer.

1. Newquay, Cornwall


If the weather’s nice, there are few better things to do in the summer than surfing. So you’ll want to head to a surf spot that has everything you need – good waves, vibrant local nightlife and glorious stretches of sand to bathe upon. Newquay has plenty of surf instructors who can teach you how to take to the waves.

And after a long day’s riding the waves, you can head into town for great seafood and a nice cold drink of something refreshing – be it a beer, a cocktail or just a cool glass of cola.

2. The Lake District


One of the most beautiful locations in the UK, the Lake District has almost too much scenery to take in. A campervan is the perfect way to navigate the many waterways, and you’ll have no trouble finding a spot to stay and have some food with a view to die for.

Watersports are also never too far away, so if you fancy a kayak or a sail, there will be something to get your pulse racing. And at the end of the day, you can close your curtains on a beautiful sunset reflected off one of the many great lakes.

3. Loch Ness


The Scottish highlands are a sight to behold at all times of year. But if you don’t like your weather too cold, then going in the summer is ideal. The centrepiece is Loch Ness, the huge lake that may or may not contain a prehistoric sea monster (we are firmly in the ‘Nessie lives’ camp).

Take a boat cruise along the loch and see some of the many sights it has to hold. Then stop for a nice pub lunch and hear the locals tell you just how real Nessie is.

4. Glastonbury


The greatest music festival on the planet, Glastonbury is a must-do for anyone who has even the smallest interest in music. From the latest rising music starts to old legends with songs everyone knows, there really is something for everyone.

But there is also mud, and dirt, and long queues to the toilet or showers. So if you aren’t too keen on living rough for a few days and would prefer some semblance of normality, then your campervan is the haven you desire. Tickets sell out fast, so if you have missed out this year, then try again when they go on sale in September.

5. Henley-on-the-Thames


If you fancy taking in a regatta or desire a taste of the high life, then why not take your campervan to Henley-on-the-Thames. Not only is there the beautiful landscape that runs along the river, like something out of a Victorian travel novel, but there are also bike rides and boat trips up and down the river. A little sedate perhaps. But a chance to unwind in a beautifully verdant location.

6. Robin Hoods Bay


You are never far from a spectacular coastline in the UK and Robin Hoods Bay is no exception. Heading to the North West of England, you might be surprised at just how warm the weather can be. And even if the weather does turn a little bad, you can take a trip to nearby Whitby and discover the haunting grounds of Dracula, or go and have some of the best fish and chips you’ll find anywhere.

7. Stonehenge


You might not be able to get as close to the iconic landmark as you were once able to, but you can stay in a nearby campsite and get a glorious view of this ancient monument. The Stonehenge visitor centre is well worth a trip, and if you need a bit more modern civilisation, nearby Salisbury has a fantastic medieval cathedral that is truly something to behold.

8. Sherwood Forest


Did you ever dream of being Robin Hood as a child? Then why not follow in the footsteps of the outlaw and his merry men by camping in Sherwood Forest. Whether you have kids or the imagination of one, you can disappear into the fantasy as you run between the trees.

Or you can take a long trail or bike ride through the forest and stretch your legs without fantasising about stealing from the rich.

9. Isle of Arran


Head far north and see what life is like on one of Scotland’s many surrounding islands by taking the ferry to the Isle of Arran. This is one for nature lovers, as you can see seabirds, puffins and seals all bathing in the summer sun. The perfect place for some peace and quiet.

10. Snowdonia


Want to climb a mountain this summer? Then head to Snowdonia and tackle one of the easier peaks. Nestled in the centre of Snowdonia National Park, there is plenty to do away from the mountain. But climbing to the summit is a must for any would-be explorer.

And if you don’t feel like the long walk up, there is a shuttle service that can take you most of the way. Perfect for those who want to climb the mountain without suffering a heart attack!

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