Regardless of what car you drive, or how little, or much you spent on it, it is important that you look after your car in whatever ways you can as this will help when you come to sell it.

There are many factors which are taken into consideration when evaluating the true value of a vehicle, some of which are out of your control; however others such as the cleanliness, condition of the interior and exterior and the way the car is driven are not.

Let our guide help you to maintain your cars value.

Regular Servicing

A full service history is an extremely valuable piece of information when it comes to assessing the value of a used car. It’s all about peace of mind for both the seller and the buyer and a full service history removes that doubt.Being able to show a full service history also makes a car easier to resell as its shows the next owner that the car has been cared-for and looked-after by its previous owner.


Try to avoid purchasing a car which was registered in late December as this will instantly become last years model which could affect the price when you later come to sell it, however having said that, there are some fantastic deals to be had on these cars so make sure you weigh up the pros and cons and find a balance that you are happy with before committing to that all-important purchase.

Stay clear of modification

In simple terms, modifications lower the value of a car because in almost all cases the modifications are done to suit one person – the owner.
It’s all down to personal taste. What one person likes isn’t necessarily what another person is going to like. The majority of people when looking to buy a second-hand car will be on the look out for a car that has been driven gently, when a car has a bunch of go-fast goodies installed on it, it serves as an indication that it was driven aggressively and is probably not in as good shape as it could be.


Tyres are one of the most important, if not THE most important part of a car, yet often the most neglected; most drivers will go from day to day without giving much care to the inflation of their tyres. Tyres loose pressure every day through the process of permeation so its important to maintain your tyres at the correct air-pressure, this will in turn not only help your tyres wear longer, it will also help to save fuel, enhance handling, prevent accidents and increase your personal safety when driving.

Drive Smart

The way in which you choose to drive your car has a major impact on how long your car will last – If you drive smart and avoid driving aggressively you are instantly going to increase the life of your car. If you refrain from braking hard, speeding and weaving through traffic this will result in less wear and tear to the engine, brakes and transmission and will even help improve your fuel economy.

Consider renting a car for long journeys

It goes without saying that the lower the mileage on a car, the higher the price.
Bear this in mind when planning to make a long journey, take a look into the cost of renting a car and consider whether it’s worthwhile opting for this.

Let your car warm up properly on chilly mornings

Cold weather can be tough on a car’s engine. Therefore, it’s important that more attention is directed to looking after your car’s engine in those all important winter months. An engine requires more energy to start when it’s cold and frosty because the battery carries a lower charge. Not only that, but the oil is cold and thick too which makes it harder for the moving parts to operate.
If you can turn your engine on, allow it to warm up for a minute or so and then drive away slowly this will prolong the life of your engine. It is also advisable to refrain from putting the heater on full power straight away.

Do not let your fuel tank run too low

Are you a person who pride themselves on getting every last drop of gas out of your tank before thinking of filling up again? You should think twice next time as this could be costing you a small fortune.
When you fill up, the sediment from the petrol settles at the bottom of your fuel tank, when you let your petrol run low, you are forcing your car to use the petrol at the bottom of the tank which stirs up all the sediment this is then sucked up into the system clogging the fuel filter. Not only does it clog the filter when the tank runs low, the fuel pick tube becomes uncovered during stopping and starting which results in the fuel pump sucking in air which makes it heat up reducing its life.

Store your car properly

If you have the option to store your car in a garage, do it. Extreme weather conditions can cause damage to your car, for instance, extremely cold weather can cause damage to your car’s internal engine components whilst extreme sunlight on the other hand can cause the paintwork to fade.

Storing your vehicle in a garage can help to avoid any costly and unnecessary repairs in the future. However if you do not have the facility to store your car inside, investing in a UV & water resistant car cover protector sheet over is always a cheaper alternative.

Cleaning of the interior and exterior

Looking after your car’s appearance both inside and out can help considerably when it comes to selling your car, nobody wants to purchase a car that hasn’t been looked after or doesn’t appear to be cared for upon first impressions.

A regular wash and wax will do wonders for your cars bodywork and help to protect it. If you live in an area where you know the roads are salted as a result of the cold, icy weather be sure to wash this off earlier rather than later as the salt can act as a catalyst for rust.

Regular vacuuming and dusting will help to keep your cars interior looking clean and fresh however if you want to go the extra mile investing in a detailed interior clean every now and then will ensure to have your cars upholstery looking its best.

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