Getting in and around town during the daily commute can be one of the most frustrating parts of the day. Whether it’s the sheer volume of traffic that turns normally quiet roads into slogs, or inconsiderate drivers who don’t care who they irritate as they break all sorts of rules (both written and unwritten) to get where they need to go.

One of the biggest frustrations on your daily commute can be the car yourself. Is it well suited to driving along crowded city streets? Do you find yourself shifting uncomfortably as you sit in traffic? And do you find getting into a parking space more of a headache than it need be?

The good news is we have a solution. Five amazing cars that make getting to work in urban areas an absolute joy. Here are Creditplus’s top 5 city cars for commuting.

Hyundai i10

It’s no surprise that cars from East Asia tend to be amongst the best for urban driving. Coming from countries with huge cities and lots of traffic, they have perfected the city car. The Hyundai i10 is one of the best of the bunch.

Extremely agile and nimble, it can navigate tight city streets with ease. Inside, the car is very comfortable, with enough modcons to keep you cool and entertained during any stoppages. It’s also very economical, so you won’t be spending a fortune at the petrol pump either.

Suzuki Ignis

If you need something a bit bigger, a bit more distinctive, than the Suzuki Ignis is ideal. Whether it actually counts as a crossover is open to debate, but what you can’t deny is that it has a very distinctive look to it.

If you have a family that means the commute is also a school run, then the large amount of interior space is ideal. But that space has been designed cleverly, so the car itself retains its nimble urban suitability. Add to the fact that it’s a hybrid, and you have a great city car.

Toyota Aygo

If you want small and agile, the Toyota Aygo is a fantastic option. Let’s start with the outside, where it has a distinctive, bold look that will make it stand out on the road. As we head inside, you’ll be pleased with just how many technological bits and bobs you get with the standard model. The in-car infotainment system is perfect for those who want to connect their phones or tune in to DAB.

It’s small 1.0 litre engine won’t get your blood pumping, but will stop you pumping too much petrol each week, making it another economical choice.

Fiat 500

What needs to be said about the Fiat 500? The big selling factor is its striking, iconic exterior styling that harkens back to its stylish debut in the 1960s. Designed for narrow Italian streets, the Fiat 500 makes light work of city living.

One of the best aspects is the high seating position, giving you an excellent vantage point on the road ahead. So it’s not just about the looks but, let’s face it, that’s why you’re going for the 500!

Volkswagen Up!

Finally we have the Volkswagen Up! The smallest model that the German company has available, it packs a lot of punch into its diminutive stature. Driving is really fun in the Up!, and you’ll be tackling sharp city corners eagerly. Out on the motorway, it’s no slouch and there are a range of engines to choose from, meaning you can get some real power if that’s what you want.

Inside, there are whole range of tech and entertainment options so you can tailor the car to match your needs. And as a German car, it comes with that famous reliability – thanks to the precision engineering that you expect from VW.

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