Look, we’re going to have to admit that we all thought electric cars were a bit, well a bit boring. But don’t judge us! Who could have foreseen just how quickly the cars and their reputation would change in a short period of time?

Electric and hybrid cars are the future of motoring. So it’s good to see that there’s much more choice available now. That extends to types of electric and hybrid cars. You can get a green vehicle in all shapes and sizes, including coupes. Have you been looking for a sporty yet green vehicle? Then here are five of the every best.

Porsche Taycan

You might expect a car company to gently dip its toe into the electric market. Porsche have done almost the exact opposite. Their first fully-electric car, the Porsche Tacyan is one of the best coupes on the road, never mind how it gains its power. The only thing you might miss as you speed along motorways behind the wheel of the Taycan is the engine noise. But this car is built like and drives like Porsche’s marquee model, the 911.

In summary, it’s really quick, an absolute joy to drive, but its also practical and doesn’t take forever to charge. It’s success has meant there are plenty more all-electric Porsches on the way.

Audi e-tron GT


Another German brand to really embrace the green revolution is Audi. The e-tron GT is a stunner of an electric sportscar, probably because it’s a not too distant relative of the Taycan.

So what makes it different to the Porsche? Well it’s bold, angular looks that are unmistakably Audi – that front grille just begs to chew up the road in front of it. It’s not just beauty, with a beastly engine making for a thrilling ride and an all-round performance on the road that deserves a standing ovation.

Lexus LC


The Lexus LC looks like it’s driven straight off a comic page or film screen and onto the road. A car of the future that you can drive right now, the LC has everything you want in a coupe. Speed that makes driving fun, with a top speed of 160mph which is no slouch for an electric vehicle. Style it oozes, and not just because of the futuristic exterior.

While you can get it in a petrol version, the LC has an impressive hybrid engine with a 3,5 litre V6 powering the combustion part of the engine giving you a respectable 34 miles per gallon. A real beauty.

BMW i8

One of the most iconic hybrid cars on the market – it even made Jeremy Clarkson change his mind about hybrids – the BMW i8 was one of the first to prove that, not only could a hybrid be a desirable model, but that it can also be a viable alternative to combustion engine only vehicles.

It’s a stunning car to look at, from its beautifully crafted BMW chassis, through to the immaculate interior that you come to expect from the famous German carmaker. What’s more, there are a few more of these cars on the market these days so you can find a used one at a price that won’t break the bank…too much!

Polestar 1


A relatively new entry into the world of car-building, Polestar seem determined to make up for lost time with a fleet of beautiful vehicles. A spin-off from Volvo, Polestar make cars for the future today. The Polestar 1 is an absolute beast of a hybrid vehicle.

Its supercharged engine means you get a lot of power in this hybrid, but the electric engine is not a secondary addition, with an almost 100 mile range and 600bhp. It’s not cheap, but then again, the history of coupes is filled with cars to dream about. The Polestar 1 is just the newest and perhaps most interesting to add to the list.

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