If you live or commute within an urban area, then you’ll no doubt be accustomed to the chore of city driving. The constant stop-start traffic, angry drivers and lane barging which – overall, makes for a rather unpleasant experience.

Country driving, however, is a completely different experience. With open roads surrounded by rolling hills and no traffic in sight, you can finally re-discover the joy of driving.

So, if you’re a city dweller in need of a stressbuster, why not grab yourself a few quiet days in a peaceful, rural setting and enjoy the freedom and liberation of country driving. And to make your driving experience even better, we’ve handpicked seven cars which are perfect for cruising down those country roads.

1. Nissan Qashqai


If you’re planning a long drive out to the countryside comfort is key, and the Qashqai is certainly one of the most comfortable SUVs to drive. Although it’s tall, the Qashqai is nice and light which is important for country driving, as the last thing you want is to feel you’re driving a bus down tight and winding lanes! Finally, the Qashqai is exceptionally quiet drive, concealing wind and road noise, which is of course important when looking to achieve peace and quiet! Choose between either a smooth and quiet petrol engine or, if you’re regularly hitting long motorway journeys often, a larger 1.5 diesel.

2. BMW X3


The BMW X3 is another fine choice for zipping off to the countryside. Its engine is blissfully quiet and there’s plenty of room to stretch out, creating an extremely comfortable driving experience. And if it’s cold weather during your country escapade, you’ll be extremely thankful for the X3’s luxurious, heated leather seats! On top of this, its light and nimble steering is great for navigating around tight corners on those narrow country lanes and its suspension which will come in handy over those devilish potholes.

3. Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate 


This beauty is a winner in pretty much any category, however the E63 Estate is great for country driving as its super quick around twisty roads yet has remarkable grip and excellent stability. It’s got a whopping 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine with either 517hp or 612hp, which is superbly powerful and great for the open roads where you can really stretch its wings. Finally, the E63 is a four-wheel drive which you will find extremely helpful if you end up off-road driving across muddy fields.

4. Mini Countryman


We couldn’t list the best cars for country driving without a mention of the Mini Countryman. The second generation hit the market in 2017 and has delivered fantastic performance and practically making it one of the best in its class. It’s extremely spacious in both the front and rear seats, and if you want to really take care of your back-seat passengers, you can splash a little extra on reclining rear seats for that extra bit of comfort.

5. Skoda Kodiaq


The Skoda Kodiaq is an excellent choice if you’re heading to the countryside with a large family in tow. Highly practical, the Kodiaq can seat up to seven people with plenty of boot space too. There is a choice of petrol or diesel engines at a capacity of 1.4 or 2.0-litres. However, if you’re regularly going to be filling the Kodiaq to its full passenger capacity you’re best off with the 2.0 litre diesel. There’s the added option of a four-wheel drive which may prove useful in muddy conditions or if you’re up for an off-roading experience!

6. Hyundai i30


The Hyundai i30 is another practical choice which provides a great level of comfort and space. The gear transitions are super smooth at low speeds and are met with a quick response. Furthermore, its top-notch suspension means it can handle the most lethal of potholes without you or your passengers being bounced out of your seats.

7. BMW M240i Convertible


If you’re looking for something slightly flashier (but less practical) for your country escape, look no further than the M240i Convertible. It’s an exhilarating drive thanks to its quick speed and fold-away electric roof which will allow you to enjoy the wind in your hair as you coast care-free through the countryside. Its powerful six-cylinder engine produces 340hp and is available with automatic or manual transmission.

Plan your country getaway today

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