There are few things that can reflect your personality as accurately as your car. Is it completely spotless with not a single piece of dirt or grime on the body or interior? Have you splashed out on an expensive sound system so you can hear your music at the best possible quality?

Or is it the cheapest car you could find, held together with nothing more than duct tape and hope?

If you want to give your car that extra bit of personality, then there are some accessories you can get to upgrade your vehicle.

And we’re not talking about fuzzy drive or eyelashes for your headlights. We’re talking things that make your car look that little bit extra special. Accessories to help you out in a bind, and ones that bring the creature comforts from home to the motorway.

Here are 8 of the coolest car accessories you can get for your car.

1. DAB Radio


Pure Highway 400 DAB Radio Adapter- Available on Amazon for £59.95

If you don’t have a digital radio in your car, then you really are missing out these days. There are so many different radio stations to choose from, that if you are stuck searching between FM and MW frequencies for a decent signal, you still might not be able to find the music you love.

Upgrading to a DAB digital radio gives you access to specialist radio stations from around the UK. And with a bit of tech savviness, you can add stations from across the globe!

Our pick for the best DAB option is the Pure Highway 400 , that also gives you Spotify and Bluetooth control.

2. Car Wifi


Huawei E8377 4G Travel In-Car Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot - Available on Amazon for £44.99

You may have seen on TV that some car companies are advertising their vehicles as having wifi built in. There are few things cooler than being able to drive wherever you want, visit beautiful scenery or find an idyllic spot in the countryside, and then being able to log on to the internet and check your social media.

The good news is you can get wifi devices for your car, so even if it’s not built in, you can smugly share the wifi code with fellow travellers to impress them. One of the most versatile is Huawei’s E8377 4G Travel In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot, as it comfortably fits into your car charger.  

3. In-car Voice Assistant


Roav VIVA In-Car Navigation - Available on Amazon for £45.99

‘Alexa, what’s the traffic like on the road ahead?’

The rise of digital voice assistants has made life a lot simpler for many of us. Being able to ask a question out loud and be greeted with a detailed, accurate answer from the internet makes cooking, ordering items, and checking up facts a piece of cake. So it’s no surprise to see this technology make the transfer to our cars.

Having Alexa in your car allows you to check the traffic, get recommendations for nearby hotels, restaurants or petrol stations, and even change the music or radio station to one of your choice. And what’s even better? It doesn’t ask any questions back.

So you won’t have to hear ‘Are we there yet?’, and if a little one does pester you with this, you can always get Alexa to answer for you. We recommend the Roav Viva.

4. Car Fridge


Portable Electric Coolbox - Available on Amazon for £64.99

No matter what time of year it is, there’s nothing better than a nice cold refreshing drink. Be it at the end of a long hot summers day, or maybe you’ve just been to the gym or exercising, and want something to help cool you down. The answer? An in-car fridge.

There are many different options available to add ice-cold refreshments to your vehicle. We recommend the Cricket Cooler, as not only is it great for keeping things fresh, but it also has wheels.

So if you’re having a picnic, you can easily bring it with you.

5. Portable Car Jump Starter


Portable Lithium Car Jump Starter - Available on Amazon for £97.95

Right, at first this might not seem that cool. After all, jump starting a car is more practical than anything. But, picture this scene. You are out driving with someone you want to impress. Your new partner, a business associate, maybe even the father-in-law. And the car won’t start. The battery is flat. They suggest you go find some jumper cables while they hail a car to help. But you shake your head, smile and let them know you have it all under control.

And you go to the boot of your car and pull out a portable car jump starter. Easy to use, you just connect it up, press a few buttons and bingo – your car is running again. Everyone is impressed and you’ve saved the day. We recommend one in the Arteck range.

6. Heads Up Display


Universal H6 Car HUD Holder Head-Up Display - Available on Amazon for £21.00

There are few things as futuristic as a Heads-Up Display. Being able to see information about your car projected onto the windshield, it’s like something from a science fiction film. Many new cars have these systems built in, but you can easily add one of your own to your car, no matter how old it is. There are a number of options available for the information you can view. From the speed of your car, to a map of the road ahead, to even having the face of people calling you pop up in front of you.

What makes them even cooler, is their price. You can get a decent HUD for a lot cheaper than you might imagine. We recommend the Universal H6 Car Hud as an excellent affordable starting device.

7. Car Location Tracker


Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger, With Location App - Available on Amazon for £27.43

Ever been in a massive car park and completely forgotten where you’ve parked your car? It can happen to the best of us, normally when we’re carrying a load of heavy shopping bags or the heavens have just opened.

Car tracking devices are becoming more widely available, meaning you don’t have to worry about where you’ve parked. The Nonda Zus is one of the more affordable options on the market. All you do is pop the device in your car and your phone can track down exactly where it is in seconds.

8. Key Tracker


Xupo Key Finder and Item Locator Beacon - Available on Amazon for £9.95

But sometimes you can’t even find your keys, never mind your car. Normally when you are in a rush. So why not use the same technology that finds your car to find your keys? We recommend the Xupo Key Finder, as seen on Dragons Den.


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