Here in the UK, we are known for being a bit pessimistic. Always expecting the worst and then greeting it warmly when it arrives. But we can also be optimistic. Did you know that here in the UK, we buy more convertibles than any other country in Europe?

With the way the British weather is, you might think that’s a bit…well mad! But it shows that when the sun does shine, us Brits do like to make the most if it. Who hasn’t had a friend or family member (or even themselves) who have turned red like a lobster after spending too much time in the sun?

Having a convertible is a way we can really make the most of the sunshine. So here are some top convertibles you can find for under £15,000.

Audi TT

One of the most distinctive cars on the road when it launched, the Audi TT has been beloved by the professional who wants a fast car on the weekdays, and a cool car for the weekends. The convertible version has everything that makes the car great and allows you to take the roof off.

Now several generations in, there are plenty of used Audi TT Convertible’s on the market. So if you want a car that’s going to be fun in the sun AND in the cold wet winter months, the Audi TT is the one for you.

Mazda MX-5

An absolute icon of the motor industry, the original Mazda MX-5 has become extremely desirable on the used car market, some even being considered classics. When the fourth generation went on sale in 2015, it reinvigorated the love for this beloved model as a new generation of fans fell in love with the model.

What makes the MX-5 so great? A combination of an extremely fun and enjoyable driving experience, low running costs that mean it’s not too thirsty on the road, and the distinctive exterior styling that makes the car stand out on any road, especially amongst the hatchbacks and saloons that make up the majority of cars on the road in the UK.

MINI Convertible

You don’t need me to tell you that the MINI is an icon. Not just the classic cars that are an icon of the sixties. But the more modern re-release that really burst onto the scene thanks to its fun advertising campaigns and the quality of the new car itself.

The MINI Convertible is one of the best variants on the market. You get the distinctive exterior styling that makes the MINI so special, you have the excellent and easy drive that makes the car so good for new drivers. And then you get to drive with the roof down. If you are a new driver or don’t need plenty of boot space, this is the fun sort of drive that is ideal for the summer.

BMW 1 Series Convertible

Finally, we have the BMW 1-Series Convertible. It’s another convertible that’s going to be just as good when the roof is up in the winter. But for the summer, cruising on a day trip to the seaside is one of the best feelings you’ll have on the road.

You get all the quality that you expect with the BMW badge, from the precision of the driving to how well-designed the interior layout is. You also get the range of efficient engines, both diesel and petrol. And, as it’s the 1-series, it’s the most affordable of the BMW models, so you will be able to get all that goodness for a very decent price.

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