Welcome to Car Finance Deals of the Month. In this blog, we’ll bring you some of the best car finance deals from our site, based around a particular theme. This month, we’re taking a look at some fantastic coupes. The styling and coolness of a high end sports car at a price you can afford. In this post: the BMW 4 Series, Mazda MX-5, Audi TT, Mercedes C-Class Coupe and the Toyota GT86.

What makes a great coupe?

When it comes to choosing the most important aspects of a coupe, there are two things that stand out: performance and style. You want a car that you can feel working and that gives you a thrill when you put your foot on the accelerator. It should glide through corners and take the apex like a high end sports car. It should also look stunning, with a streamlined exterior designed for both aerodynamics and beautiful curves. You want to stand out in the car park, whether it’s at the office, gym or pub. The right car can be a perfect complement to your own personal style. Extras such as leather seats, climate control and in-car entertainment can complete the package. Comfort is something you may want to consider too, especially if you’re larger or taller then average. Taking a look at a car at a showroom is a great way to try it on for size – you can then come back to Creditplus and get a fantastic car finance deal!

Top Coupe Car Finance Deals

This months car finance deals were calculated using the following criteria (unless otherwise stated): 48 month term, 10,000 miles per year at a 5.9% flat rate. Monthly payments and interest rates are subject to change based on credit rating and history. For more details, visit our Help and Advice Centre.

Mazda MX-5


The 4th generation of the Mazda MX-5 was launched last year with great success. The world’s most popular roadster, the MX-5 has been a top choice for over 25 years. The most recent version is lightweight, fast and extremely stylish. It’s a joy to drive, with a quick, responsive feel to the controls that make you really believe you can get the most out of the car. Ergonomically designed, the interior is the perfect complement to the updated exterior design.
Car deal calculated on a 2014 Mazda MX-5, £16,495, 8,524 miles, petrol
PCP from £329.65
HP from £402.47
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Audi TT


A perennial favourite since its launch, the Audi TT is a popular choice for a reason. Well built and fun to drive, its most recent generation is a lightweight road warrior, taking much of the lessons learned in the R8 and applying them to the TT. Sharper, more angular styling gives the car a hint of aggression, replicated in the way it tackles corners. Not only is this car beautiful to look at, it’s also much more affordable than you might have thought.
Car deal calculated on a 2013 Audi TT 2.0 TDI Quattro, £18,990, 38,000 miles, diesel
PCP from £348.14
HP from £466.72
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BMW 4 Series


The BMW 4 Series is in essence the coupe version of the BMW 3 Series (our most popular car). A lighter build, the 4 Series has a wider wheelbase and lower centre of gravity, making it much sportier than the 3 Series. It’s superb to drive – zipping through corners and really relishing an empty road ahead. The BMW badge brings certain expectations of interior styling which are certainly met, with an excellent seating position providing a fantastically sporty view of the road.
Car deal calculated on a 2014 BMW 4 Series 420D M Sport, £28,995, 21,000 miles, diesel coupe
PCP from £552.45
HP from £724.35
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Mercedes C-Class Coupe


All the prestige and status of a Mercedes in a coupe – what more could you ask for? The Mercedes C-Class Coupe is a fine choice and ideal for those who prefer style over performance. It’s an altogether more stable drive – it doesn’t race; it glides across roads and through corners. Stylistically, the car is gorgeous, with the refinement and elegance you expect from a Merc. This is the coupe for those seeking a nice drive in a beautiful car.
Car deal calculated on a 2013 Mercedes C Class 2.1 C250 CDI, £24,995, 15,000 miles, diesel
PCP from £491.23
HP from £621.35
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Toyota GT86


This is the car for the inner racing driver. Built for pure driving performance, the Toyota GT86 often feels like a racing car. Light and responsive to drive with an excellent driving position, it really feels like you’re completely in charge of the car – especially if you turn off the stability control. Rear wheel drive means you really feel the kick when you put your foot down.
Car deal calculated on a 2015 Toyota GT86 2.0, £22,495, 15,000 miles, diesel
PCP from £441.18
HP from £556.97
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