It seems like everyone has been really anticipating the coming summer. With the easing of lockdown rules coming, and the hope that the virus that has taken over our lives for the past few years is finally fading away, we all want to make the most of our summer and get back to normal.

For many of us, there will still be some unease about everything opening up again. For cinema lovers, the thought of going back into a confined space with a room full of strangers is a bit disconcerting. But there is an alternative – drive-in cinemas. Once a regular sight, drive-in cinemas disappeared with the rise of the multiplex. The lockdown and social distancing rules mean there was a comeback and it looks like it’s here to stay. Here are the best drive-in cinemas you can visit this summer.

The Drive In, London

Our first stop takes us to London where the Drive In London is located. Located at Troubadour Meridian Water near Tottenham, here you can have the authentic American drive-in experience. Not only do they have an American style diner where you can order classic US food like cheeseburgers and hot dogs, but you don’t even need to have your own car! You can hire one of their permanent vehicles as your own drive-in booth.

Nightflix, various locations

Some companies aren’t content with one location, and so are bringing their drive-in experiences and expertise to places around the UK. Nightflix has six different venues, including Colchester, Hartlepool, Luton Airport and Milton Keynes. One of the best rated drive-in cinema companies, Nightflix have become experts that will hopefully continue running their unique offering long after the pandemic has subsided.

The Alfresco Theatre, St Albans

For something a bit different, the Alfresco Theatre has a whole range of different entertainment on offer – not just films. For a start, they have a weekend of live comedy, which you can chuckle along to from the safety of your car. As well as the top quality entertainment, they have food from an amazing line-up of chefs including Rick Stein, Tom Kerridge and Paul Ainsworth.

The Luna Cinema, Blenheim Palace

If you want a stunning backdrop to go with a stunning film, than you can’t really go wrong with the Luna Cinema at Blenheim Palace. The spectacular palace is illuminated in the background as you watch one of the classic films being displayed this year. As well as the location, you’ll find a whole range of delicious food trucks to choose from, so you can find a feast for your eyes AND your stomach.

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