We’re officially in 2019 and with Brexit looming ever closer it really is anybody’s guess as to what this year will bring.

However, there are two exciting things we can confirm for 2019. One is the release of Toy Story 4 in June (don’t let anyone tell you you’re too old), and two is the thrilling line-up of new cars set to be released over the next 12 months.

So, to kickstart your 2019, we’re bringing you our top pick of new models entering the market this year.

And for the Toy Story fans - don’t forget to head over to Youtube for the trailer when you’ve finished reading!

1. Mazda 3


Hatchbacks honestly don’t get better looking than this. It’s sharp and sleek exterior is very pleasing on the eye, and the interior is just polished.

Built with SKYACTIV technology, the petrol engine promises to deliver the efficiency of a diesel engine while maintaining the lower level cO2 emissions of a petrol engine.

2. Jaguar I-Pace


Introducing Jaguar’s first all-electric model, the I-Pace. We can all agree the I-Pace looks spectacular, but it’s handling, and performance is what helped it gain Best German Car of The Year Award 2019.

And if the Germans think it’s good, it must damn good!

3. Peugeot 508 SW


The previous Peugeot 508 SW may have lacked a little style however Peugeot have learned from their mistakes and taken the 508 to new heights.

Its new makeover has given the 508 a stylish, edgy exterior with an equally smart cabin. Initially, the 508 will only be available with a choice of petrol or diesel engines, however a plug-in hybrid will likely be available by the autumn.

4. DS 3 Crossback


On sale by spring 2019, the new and improved DS 3 Crossback is another one to watch in the ever-growing SUV market.

It’s overall appearance still bares strong resemblance to the original model, however DS have made some exciting changes to provide a high-end luxurious finish.

This includes its super flush fitting door handles which appear only when needed, staying tucked up within the bodywork the rest of the time.

5. Audi e-tron


Audi’s first mainstream electric car is certainly one to get excited about and it will be a strong rival for the formerly mentioned Jaguar I-Pace.

It’s got an abundance of space and luxury, and they’ve even spared a thought for the vegans by producing an interior completely void of animal-based products. Instead the interior is built entirely of sustainable materials – nice work Audi!

6. BMW 3 Series


The 3 Series may be entering its seventh generation, but we’re not bored yet. The 3 Series is universally respected within the auto industry and BMW have taken care to ensure the familiar, general design remains true to its ancestors.

However, its performance has been improved further to bring lighter handling and agility, with cleaner emissions making the 3 Series even more desirable than before.

7. Volkswagen T-Cross


They say good things come in small packages, and this is certainly true for the Volkswagen T-Cross. The T-Cross is nice and practical and although it doesn’t look particularly sporty, its light and agile to drive.

So, if you’re looking for a good-value, family SUV for 2019 this could be your winner.

8. Mercedes EQC


The EQC will be the first release of Mercedes’ all new electric range and it’s certain to turn some heads with its array of stylish features and premium technology.

The EQC also comes with an extremely sophisticated infotainment system which includes some unique functions.

The sat-nav will list nearby charging places and their opening times, and it even uses artificial intelligence to track your journey, which allows the sat-nav to pre-set your route before you set out on your drive, pretty clever right?

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