Formula One has firmly established itself as one of, if not the, greatest motorsport on the planet. As well as exciting, adrenaline filled racing action, Formula One has also featured some huge personalities. Almost as famous as the cars themselves. Bold, passionate, often reckless, always entertaining, this is a sport where finishing first is the only thing that matters. So who made up our top 10 greatest Formula One drivers?

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Our Top 10 Greatest Formula One Drivers

To compile our list of the best drivers, we took a look at stats for the most championsips, most wins and most pole positions to create a provisional list. Then we looked at each driver, looked at their reputation, their mystique, their personality. It shouldn’t just be about numbers, but about what they represented as the greatest drivers of their time. Who missed out? When I posted our provisional list online, the most controversial omission was Fernando Alonso. The two time champion was certainly in consideration, and perhaps if he had been winning more races recently he would be right up there. Likewise Lewis Hamilton just missed out. No one doubts his ability and what he has done for the motorsport’s reputation. But who would they replace? Sebastian Vettel was a controversial inclusion, many believing it to be the car rather than the driver that won the four titles. I tend to disagree, as that sort of domination cannot be down to just car alone. Wouldn’t Webber have performed better if that was the case?

We all know Top 10 lists are highly subjective and no one will agree on the exact order. However, we think are list showcases ten of the best drivers to ever grace the sport. Disagree? Then why not let us know who would make your top ten in the comments below?

Creditplus Top 10 Greatest Formula One Drivers list in full

1. Ayrton Senna
2. Michael Schumacher
3. Alain Prost
4. Jackie Stewart
5. Juan Manuel Fangio
6. Jack Brabham
7. Niki Lauda
8. Sebastian Vettel
9. Nelson Piquet
10. Jim Clark

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