Halloween is here and the team at Creditplus have been talking about our favourite scary movies. The talk got us thinking: What are the best car scenes from horror films? We've put together a video showing our ten favourite horror movie car scenes. Watch the video below and then read more about our choices.

Warning: The video contains scenes of graphic violence and horror. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Ten – Death Proof

An underrated horror film, director Quentin Tarantino wanted to make the action as visceral as possible using real cars and no CGI. Death Proof is the story of Stuntman Mike, a deranged killer who murders people using his car – causing horrific crashes that he can survive because he has made the car (you guessed it) death proof. In this sequence at the start of the film, we see just how brutal Tarantino can be when he makes a horror film.

Nine – Scream 3

The film series that revitalised modern horror, the Scream franchise has its fair share of memorable kills by Ghostface. In the third film, Wes Craven pays homage to a famous scene from Halloween (see number four on the list) with this Ghostface attack. It perfectly sums up the combination of horror and black comedy that made the Scream films so successful.

Eight – The Orphanage

This Spanish horror film is an underrated modern classic. Filled with atmospheric chills, the scene in this list is the one part of the film that doesn’t focus on the ghostly going ons at the titular building.

Seven – Rubber

One of the strangest films you’ll ever see, Rubber tells the story of a psychic tyre out for revenge against humanity. It is as bizarre as that description sounds.

Six – The Hitcher

There are few actors we love more than Sean Bean. Whether it’s as the doomed Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, or as one of the countless villains he has played in films, Sean Bean is always intensely watchable. The Hitcher went under the radar a bit upon its release, a remake of a horror from the 1980s. We love Sean Bean’s performance as the psychopathic title character, no better summed up than in this clip.

Five – Roadkill

Also known as “Joy Ride” in the US, this smart teen thriller is another underrated and underseen gem that is incredibly watchable and well made. Starring the late Paul Walker, the film was written by JJ Abrams, director of the upcoming new Star Wars film.

Four – Halloween

The film that started the slasher movie genre, Halloween is an all time classic that could quite possibly be the greatest horror film of all time. This scene masterfully directed by John Carpenter shows all other filmmakers how it should be done.

Three – Duel

Steven Spielberg’s first film, Duel is an almost forgotten classic that showcases a lot of the skills and techniques that would go on to make Jaws a global blockbuster. The tale of a man pursued by a murderous trucker, this final clip has the hero pushed to the very edge.

Two – Final Destination 2

This horror comedy franchise takes enormous glee in the creative ways Death kills its victims. The opening premonition scenes are no exception, with the carnage escalating to almost cartoonish levels. The scary thing is, it feels like this could really happen.

One – Christine

Two kings of horror collaborated for this car horror gem. John Carpenter and Stephen King, whose novel this story is based on. A psychotic car that falls murderously in love with its owner, Christine has a mind of its own and will do anything to get what it wants – especially murder.

Have we made any glaring errors?

This is our list of personal car horror film scene favourites. We would love to hear yours. Send us your favourite horror film scenes to our facebook or twitter pages and we’ll collect together the best ones.

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