This summers is all about one thing – escape. After a year of being confined to our homes, we will all want to be making the most of our new found freedoms to hit the road. With foreign holidays also in doubt, now is the perfect time to take a trip somewhere nice in the UK. But where?

We’ve looked at some of the popular road trips that drivers love in the UK to come up with some ideas to help you find the perfect escape. Here are our top UK road trips for summer 2021.

London to Brighton

A trip once worshipped by mods and rockers in the 1960s on their mopeds and motorbikes, London to Brighton has been an iconic route for UK pop culture. Even before then, people from the capital would make the trip south to enjoy some sun, sea, sand and then chew on some Brighton rock.

Today, Brighton has something everyone. A beautiful seafront, an incredible LGBTQ+ friendly nightlife, and enough vintage fashion stores and record store to keep you entertained shopping for hours.

Lands End to John O’Groats

The longest road trip in the UK, Lands End to John O’Groats will take you from the very tip of mainland Scotland right down to the foot of the UK in Cornwall. Whether you go from north to south or vice versa, this route is one that every car lover should embrace. Not only is it A fantastic distance that you can adapt to pass whatever town, city or landmark on the route down. But it’s also a long old drive so it’s a great chance to stretch your motoring legs and spend some quality time with your beloved motor.

Wind your way along Snake Pass

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK is the Peak District. Whether you just want to enjoy the picturesque views, or fancy getting some exercise by climbing one of the peaks, there’s something for everyone.

For drivers, the winding Snake Pass (also rather boringly named the A57) will take you past all the most scenic points. It’s also one of the most fun roads to drive in the UK, thanks to the winding roads. You’ll feel like your in a car advert – just watch out for sheep on the road.

Cruise Down The Atlantic Highway

For one of the best summer road trips, you need to head to one of the best summer destinations in the UK, the south west coast of Cornwall and Devon. And if you really want to experience the beauty this part of the world has to offer, then you’ll want to cruise down the Atlantic Highway. You’ll get the beautiful fresh sea air from the Atlantic Ocean, with nothing between you and the USA but sea water.

There are plenty of beautiful beaches to stop off along the way, and if you have a car that can carry a surfboard, then there are some of the trendiest and best surf spots in the world along this route. So start off at Bridgwater and cruise down to Bude and you’ll have one of the best road trips this summer.

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