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I know you do it. I do it, pretty much all the time. I regularly drive past people doing it and not even caring that I’m watching them really go for it. When you’re in your car, it’s your own little bubble and you can sing as loud as you want, to as lame a song as you like, and there’s nothing anybody can do about it! This is why Toyota’s new Yaris video is genius.

The Musical City

Toyota have unleashed a new video onto an unsuspecting internet to advertise their Yaris small family car, and it’s kind of brilliant. I’m generally a pretty grumpy guy, but it even made me giggle like a schoolgirl. The premise is simple: Change the road names in the centre of Prague to song names, make the Yaris in-car entertainment system pick up the song names from the satellite navigation system and play the song. Well, when I says it’s simple it sounds quite complicated, but the effect is fantastic.

What you can watch below is the result of this set-up, as Toyota asked the citizens of Prague to drive a modified Yaris, choose their route and belt out the classics. You just can’t hate this.

You don’t have to have the swanky set-up here to enjoy singing in the car though, so get some friends together, put together an awesome playlist (our “Classic Rock Driving Tunes” playlist on Spotify should do the trick) and go for a drive. Even better, get somebody to film it and then we can all share the fun! Just make sure you’re staying safe whilst doing so – nobody wants any nasty accidents! Though it’s unlikely street names will be renamed after Bonnie Tyler songs (because that would just be silly) and therefore this video will never be a real-life experience, the Yaris is still a great little car for the city and beyond. If you’re interested in getting a Yaris on finance, you can find plenty in our used car database. In the meantime, crank up the music and let it all out…

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