The BBC has reported that there are up to 2 million people in the UK who could be facing a hefty fine of up to £1,000, all because they have not updated their driving license photo.

This isn’t the only reason that motorists could be facing a fine. The license only tends to be valid for 10 years and you are legally required to have your current address on the card.

While the new style driving license helps to aid police by stopping impersonation, there is also a £20 fee for the card to be updated and replaced when the time comes to update your photo, although this service is free when you move address.

The startling fact comes from research conducted by, a UK car insurance company, who revealed that one in ten people admitted they had not renewed their license in more than 10 years.

With the cost of motoring already high, it is very likely that many people also put off updating their license due to the cost. This could very quickly become a false economy though. If the police catch you with the incorrect address or picture, the £20 fee will seem like a very small price compared to the possible £1000 fine.

For more information on your driving license and how to update or renew it you should visit the DVLA.


This is not the only startling fact revealed by LV=. Their research has also shown that millions of people are driving in the UK illegally, but by mistake. By not fully understanding insurance policies there are 1.8 million drivers who often borrow friends cars thinking they are covered with 3rd party insurance, but this often isn’t the case.

With the number of people sharing cars increasing more and more people are at risk of incurring fines from the police if caught without the appropriate insurance. The fine can be as large as £5000, a hefty sum for an innocent mistake.

Not all people are making mistakes though. 44% of people said they would still lend their car to a friend even if they knew they were not insured. This is clearly concerning for all motorists, especially those who have been involved in accidents with uninsured drivers.

If you are considering driving someone else’s car you should ensure that your insurance policy covers you. If you are caught without insurance, ignorance will not be a valid excuse and you will face a potential fine.

Is this something you’ve had to face? Let us know in the comments below!

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