Creditplus we’ve been hard at work creating our brand new help section to answer all the questions that people may have about car finance. However, during our intensive research, we came across some questions that we simply couldn’t believe were genuine. They certainly gave us a chuckle, so we thought we would share some of our favourites with you!

Yahoo Answers is notorious for stupid, random and just plain weird questions. Just a quick look through the “Cars and Transportation” section was enough to pique our interest. First we found this citizen of the United States who seems to be under the impression that EVERYBODY drives a Mercedes in Europe, because he saw it on Top Gear.


There’s a few issues I have with the question. Firstly user RiverTam has clearly mistaken Albania for the entirety of Europe, and secondly seems to have a disproportionate idea of exactly what cars are driven around this side of the Atlantic. The answers aren’t much better – Joseph the Second is under the impression that only the very wealthy can afford to drive at all in Europe, so they throw away their dollars (another inaccuracy) on Mercedes. Of course, as we all know, the truth is that the average person can afford some kind of car – and the very wealthy are actually all driving even more prestigious cars (that’s why Bentley exists after all!)


Onto the next question, and a very classy user named Jacob was wondering exactly what convertible he should get and put a cheetah or zebra print interior inside. Firstly Jacob, a convertible car is simply not the place to express your inner safari hunter, and secondly, user Siddasai seems to have misunderstood the question, answering in capital letters “ZEBRA…!!!!:)” Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen would have a fit.


Another user concerned with the appearance of his car simply wanted to know what colour Camaro girls think is, I quote, “hot”. Nobody replied, and you could almost feel the tumbleweed blowing across the yard as he stares at his screen waiting for an answer.


Sometimes you have to wonder where some of the Yahoo Answers users were educated. Our next featured question comes from the mysteriously named Mike who wondered, “When will the 2015 Camry come out?” Well Mike, let me take a wild guess – 2015? (In anticipation of the perfectionists amongst us, yes, it will probably be available for sale by late 2014, but that really spoils the joke here. Sorry Mike.)


Finally, you have the overly anxious drivers who are convinced that they just did something bad, and though everything seems fine they can’t seem to shake that feeling that the police/disgruntled fellow road user is on the path for revenge. More often than not what they did was probably a bit cheeky, and may have ruffled another motorist’s feathers, but needless to say, the police won’t be pursuing them for anything.

That’s just a small taster of what yahoo answers have in store – and whilst it can be a valuable resource, it’s obvious that some of the users’ minds work in unique ways. We might not be able to help with some of these questions – but if it’s got anything to do with car finance, you’ll find the answer on our help section.

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