When it comes to expressing your personality, there are a few things that come to mind. The clothes you decide to wear each day. The haircut you ask for every time you visit the barber or hairdresser. And the music and films you listen to and recommend to your friends and family. But there is something else that will be used to judge you. Something you might not even realise until it is far too late. Your car.

Now for many of us, the car we drive is based on more practical reasons. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose something that reflects your personality. After all, you don’t want to be going out sending the wrong message every time you get behind the wheel of your car. But what does your car say about you? We’ve taken seven of the most popular cars and revealed what they say about the personality of the person behind the wheel.

Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke is the car for the family fashionista. Someone who wants the practicality of a big family car but not to lose the style. You may have a kid or two, but you still take the time to style everything you can. From buying Nigella’s latest cook book, to having your living room fully kitted out with a matching set from Furniture Village. There is no Sport or Utility in your crossover SUV. But the Juke does give you an excellent seating position for the school run, and makes sure everyone sees your new outfit which you tell everyone ‘Oh this, I’ve just thrown this together’ after getting up at 5am to get it ready.

Ford Fiesta

One of the most popular cars in the country, the Ford Fiesta is a bit common but you don’t care. It gets the job done and it does it well, so who cares if five other houses in the street have the same colour as yours? It’s not going to set many pulses racing, but there’s something about it that you love, just like you love Adrian Chiles. It’s a reassuring presence; you can rely on it to be there like ‘I’m A Celebrity’ is on every year before Christmas. It gets the job done.

Mini Cooper Convertible

You like the wind to rush through your hair, even though you only get to have the roof down once or twice a year. The Mini Cooper Convertible tells everyone you’re a bit cheeky. That you like a laugh but you also like to look cool. And you’re not ashamed of what you like. So if you’re sat at the traffic lights and your Olly Murs playlist is on at full blast, there’s no stopping you singing and dancing along, no matter who might be staring at you.

BMW 3-Series

You’re a professional. Someone who needs to make a fast impression in a fast car. The German engineering of the BMW 3 Series is the only thing that feels comfortable for you. Everything else is too cheap. When you fly, you choose one of the flashy Middle Eastern airlines like Qatar Airways, and you always fly business class – at least that’s what you tell everyone. Image is everything, even when no-one else is looking. You dress to impress your own reflection, never mind everyone else.

You want a car that’s fun to drive, so when you’re on those long commutes you can imagine you’re doing anything else but a daily grind. And so when you park up at your destination, you get out with a firm handshake, ready to do business. Because you are a sleek modern professional, and your car tells everyone that before you step outside.

Vauxhall Insignia

What if you want to show off but without splashing the cash? You want a car that looks the part but you don’t want everyone knowing that it’s substantially cheaper than the other executive cars in the company parking lot. You take lots of long distance holidays, but you don’t say that you’re taking advantage of deals and flying through three different stopovers on Norwegian Air.

The Vauxhall Insignia gives the air of prestige. You tell everyone you chose it because you like to buy British, not because it was a lot more affordable than those German makes. It gives a good impression still and is perfect for a professional. And, when you’re driving along on the motorway, no-one has to know that you’re listening to your Kylie playlist for the third time in a row.

Range Rover Evoque

All the top footballers drive Range Rovers so of course you want the same, even if the last time you stepped in the countryside was for a school trip back in the 90s. The car oozes class and so that must mean you have it in abundance. You act all casual and say “It gets you from A to B”, but when you park anywhere, you do it as close to the entrance as possible, so everyone can see it. Your friends are all jealous which makes you very happy. But you don’t brag about it and still shop at JD Sports. You can’t shop at Sports Direct in a Range Rover. You’re trendy and you like your stuff. Have you heard Noel Gallagher’s new album? Of course you have, and you’re seeing him at a festival in the summer. But you won’t be camping.

Ford Focus

You drive a Ford Focus. Your car is a means to an end, something to get the job done. It was well-reviewed by the consumer magazines and some bloke on the telly said it was their car of the year. You’re the savvy driver. It doesn’t cost much to run and leaves you with a bit of spending money. So you spent it taking holidays at Center Parcs and you’ve been to see Take That at Wembley – twice. Who cares what people think? You can rely on your car. And people can rely on you. At least, that’s what you like to think.


Time to find a car that matches your personality?

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